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Important Importables: 2012 handheld gaming gift guide

November 10, 2012 - 3:00 am No Comments

Hot Japanese Imports: 2012 handheld gaming gift guide

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It’s gift guide time people! It’s that time of year when I tell you about awesome stuff from Japan, be it games or novelties, that you should give as gifts to people you love. This year we’ll have
handheld and novelty gift guides, but no console. See, most of the good PS3 import games have already been picked up and released or are scheduled to be released outside of Japan, so there aren’t
any console games to really worry about. So we’re going to power through. First, I’ll recommend handheld games for you to give to people this week, then next time I’ll recommend goodies to get.

There’s one thing you’ll probably notice about this list – there are no 3DS games on it. The 3DS is region-locked, so I’m not recommending any 3DS game gifts. You could buy one, then find out the
person doesn’t have a Japanese 3DS, then you’d feel guilty like you’d have to buy them a Japanese 3DS so they could play the game you bought them and it would just be a big mess. So we’re sticking
with PSP and PS Vita recommendations this year. I’d say DS, PSP and Vita, but there haven’t really been any awesome DS games released in Japan this year.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva f
Price: around $80
System: Vita
Cero Rating: Cero C for Ages…

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