Ace Attorney live-action movie will be released worldwide

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Ace Attorney live-action movie will be released worldwide

If you haven’t been paying attention to the Ace Attorney live-action movie adaptation, you may want to start. It turns out it won’t be trapped in Japan. Takashi Miike, the director, was on hand when the movie was shown at the Netherlands International Film Festival Rotterdam and said that it will be released worldwide. Granted, it likely won’t be released in theaters worldwide, but that does mean everyone, everywhere will be able to see it.

Miike confirmed that there will be both subtitles and voice-over dubs for the Ace Attorney movie in different regions. This will include full localizations. So you don’t have to worry about hearing names like Ryuuichi Naruhodou and Reiji Mitsurugi and wonder who those people are. (Phoenix Wright and Edgeworth, in case you were wondering.) He didn’t have any kind of release schedule, but that’s to be expected since the release question came up during a question and answer segment after the film.

To help get you ready, here’s a trailer that Ash from the Ace Attorney Court Records fansite translated.

If you’ve played the first Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game, then you know what will happen in the movie. It’s loosely based on the major cases from that entry, in particular the cases Turnabout Sisters and Rise from the Ashes.

The Ace Attorney movie will begin its Japanese theater run on February 11, 2012. The three main stars are Hiroki Narimiya as Phoenix Wright, Takumi Saitou as Miles Edgeworth and Mirei Kiritani as Maya Fey.

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