Atelier Totori Plus could be coming to the Vita

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Atelier Totori Plus could be coming to the Vita

It’s time for a rumor! is a website in Taiwan that sells books and video games. It’s just put up a listing for Atelier Totori Plus: The Adventurer of Arland. It’s labeled as a Vita game and is set for a November 29, 2012 release. The thing is, Gust hasn’t announced Atelier Totori Plus yet. Oh snap!

It looks like we’ve got a retail leak on our hands here! There are two Atelier Totori Plus product listings available at and they’re still online despite people saying, “Hey! There’s a product listing for an announced game there!” Neither listing has any details on the game itself, other than saying it’s for the Vita and one will be a special edition.

Atelier Totori followed a young alchemist named Totori. She’s the student of the previous Arland series star, Rorona. Totori’s mother was an Arland adventurer who disappeared years ago on a mission. Totori knows in her heart that her mom is still alive, so she decides to become an adventurer too and to use her alchemy abilities to explore the entire continent and surround islands to look for traces of her mom. What you do, who Totori socializes with and how many things she accomplishes influences which ending you can get. Pro tip: getting a good ending is really hard and usually won’t happen on the first playthrough.

Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland is the second game in the Arland Atelier trilogy that appeared on the PS3. The first followed Atelier Rorona as she learned to become an alchemist and save her shop in Arland. The third centered on Atelier Meruru as she developed her family’s kingdom through alchemy. While Totori didn’t appear in the first game, she plays a prominent role as Meruru’s teacher in the third. I played each of the three Arland saga games twice and would definitely go back for a third run-through since each has multiple endings.

Let’s hope that Atelier Totori Plus is a sure thing and actually happens. Then, if and when it does, let’s hope NIS America decides to help us Vita owners out again by bringing it to North America!

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