Capcom’s Japanese promotions for Mega Man are sweet – pun intended

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Capcom’s Japanese promotions for Mega Man are sweet – pun intended

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Mega Man 10 Manjuu Manjū sweetsI’m officially jealous of Japanese gamers. They get access to all the good stuff! It’s not fair. The latest dig is that in Japan, Capcom’s going all out for the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 debut of Mega Man 10. There’s manjū, a soundtrack and even a contest to win a downloadable copy of Mega Man 3! Of course, the contest is only for Japanese PS3 owners, but still.

The highlight of the promotional blitz is the Mega Man 10 R10 Image Soundtrack CD. It has 21 Mega Man 10 instrumental songs and arrangements, along with two song that will actually have vocals! No word on who the vocalists appear on the album are, though. It isn’t out right away – Mega Man 10 fans will have to wait until April 30, 2010 to buy it. Since it isn’t a limited edition item, it’ll probably appear in online stores that carry video game soundtracks, like YesAsia or Play-Asia.

The other goodie might be a little harder to find outside of Japan. There are going to be Mega Man themed manjū released! Andriasang cleverly points out that they’re being dubbed Rockmanjū, as a play on the game’s Japanese name (Rockman 10) and the food itself (manjū). There are two varieties, which are really just two different kinds (shiroan and koshian) of manjū. My Japanese is far from perfect, but the shiroan should be a rice flour-ish bun willed with a sweet, white bean paste, and the koshian should, again, be a rice flour-ish bun, only filled with a sweet, azuki red bean paste. The boxes look like old SNES or GBA game boxes, and each manjū‘s wrapper has a Mega Man 10 character on it.

Let’s see what Capcom did for the North American release of Mega Man 10! Oh right! Capcom didn’t do anything! Okay, fine, Capcom is holding a launch event at the Nintendo Store in New York on Sunday, March 7, 2010. But all that’s going to be there are a Mega Man 10 t-shirt for people who buy 2,000 Nintendo Point cards and a Mega Man 10 poster with every purchase. Exciting. I’m going to go back to seeing about importing that soundtrack or

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