Capcom announces Monster Hunter Portable 3rd – monsters go into hiding

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Capcom announces Monster Hunter Portable 3rd – monsters go into hiding

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Monster Hunter 3rd Monster Hunter Freedom 3

About 1 million Japanese PSP owners let out girlish squeals of joy today when Capcom announced that another Monster Hunter game is in development. Okay, so the 1 million part may not be accurate, but I’m sure there was some rejoicing in Japan – Japanese gamers are fanatical about Monster Hunter games. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is in the works, and should be released in Japan before 2010 ends.

Like all Monster Hunter games, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will focus on, wait for it, monster hunting. You’ll create a custom character and then set out on missions to take down behemoths. Once again, you’ll have Felyne assistants, and Capcom promises that the Felyne companion and combat system will be improved in this entry. There’ll also be all new areas to explore and monsters to kill.

Capcom’s also released the first Monster Hunter Portable 3rd trailer onto the internet. Let’s take a look and see what it’s like:

US and European releases haven’t been announced yet, I’d say it’s a given. Capcom’s released many entries in the Monster Hunter series worldwide. Plus, as Siliconera points out, the Japanese press release lists Monster Hunter Portable 3rd‘s international name as Monster Hunter Freedom 3. Why mention an international name if you have no intention of releasing a game outside of Japan?

Read [Capcom (Japanese)] Via [Joystiq] Also Read [Siliconera]

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