Clear Harmony Noise Canceling Headphones with LINX AUDIO Review

April 9, 2010 - 2:00 am No Comments

Ever since my last pair of headphones were ruined, I’ve been on the lookout for a new set. I am very very picky about headphones; how they fit on the ear, the sound quality, the build quality so it takes me quite a while to find any pair that are worthy. Thankfully ableplanet has given me the opportunity to review their latest headphones and they turned out to be quite nice indeed. Combining their patented LINX audio technology with good construction, great sound quality, and great fit I have been more than pleased to use these as my new all day set.

As one can see in the picture above, the ear pads do not cover your entire ear, they sit on the back of the ear. While I always choose headphones that cover the entire ear, as I tend to not like having my ears pushed into my head, this set turned out to be extremely comfortable. I never notice my ears being pushed in and never get the greasy behind the ear feeling that I have with other similarly shaped sets. Another huge plus is that the wire from the set is not hardwired into the set. Being thrown about and having the hardwire that some sets have ripped out was what killed my last pair. On the cord there is a basic volume dial and nothing more, a handy no frills device for sure.

When listening to audio on these bad boys be sure to have the noise cancelling on at all times. When it is off the sound is muffled and isn’t very pleasing but when it is on you hear nothing but the sound coming from the set. This is absolutely great for the wearer but is sure to frustrate those trying to get one’s attention! As a side note the noise cancellation effect does require one AA battery which comes in the package.

And then there’s the LINX Audio. If you’re hard of hearing this will be the #1 reason to buy this set.

LINX AUDIO™ creates high frequency harmonics that enhance sound quality and speech clarity of difficult to hear words or notes, and increase the perception of loudness without increasing volume. LINX AUDIO™ provides full rich sound and enhanced speech clarity even at lower volumes, which may lead people to “Turn it Down™” to preserve hearing. An analogy of a richer sound might be the difference you hear when you play a “C” note on a piano, as opposed to a “C” Chord. The “C” Chord demonstrates the impact of adding harmonics to the audio signal. LINX AUDIO™ removes undesirable sounds and noise making it easier to hear high frequency words or notes where clarity is often lost, maximizing full rich sound for music, and enhancing clear voice for speech intelligibility.

LINX AUDIO™ technology advantages

• Enhances sound quality
• Improves speech clarity
• Filters undesirable sound
• Reduces distortion
• Restricts electromagnetic interference
• Increases perceived loudness without increasing volume

Needless to say I absolutely love this set and recommend it to all out there.

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