Deathsmiles IIX is an Xbox 360 Games on Demand exclusive

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Deathsmiles IIX is an Xbox 360 Games on Demand exclusive

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Deathsmiles IIX 2XA big first is coming up soon, as the Xbox 360’s Games on Demand service is going to be host to its first import game. Shmup fans will be pleased to know that the title in question is Cave’s Deathsmiles IIX, or Deathsmiles 2X if you prefer, the sequel to Cave’s Deathsmiles. Unfortunately, Deathsmiles IIX isn’t getting an English, retail release from Aksys like Deathsmiles did. If you want Deathsmiles IIX, you’re going to have to download it and deal with Japanese text.

Thankfully, text isn’t a big deal when it comes to bullet hell shoot’em ups (Or in this case, cute’em up?) like Deathsmiles IIX. If you played the original Deathsmiles, you’ll have no problem getting through the sequel since the general purpose is the same. Even if you’ve never played a Deathsmiles game, you should be ok. Just pick a character, then shoot anything that shoots at her while you try to keep from getting hit by all the bullets flying around the screen. Oh, and it’s all Christmas themed.

If you want to see how this HD shoot’em up plays, check out Cave’s Deathsmiles IIX trailer.

Skip to the 1:20 mark to watch Windia beat down a monstrous Santa Claus and Rudolph. At least, I think that’s Rudolph – his nose did look kind of red.

If you’re interested, then turn on your Xbox 360 on May 17, 2011 and head to Games on Demand. Make sure you have a credit card ready, since you can’t use Microsoft Points to pick up this $29.99 game.

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