Devil Survivor becomes Devil Survivor Over Clock on the 3DS

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Devil Survivor becomes Devil Survivor Over Clock on the 3DS

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Shin Megami Tensei Devil SurvivorShin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor may not even be two years old yet, but it’s already getting a reboot. The strategic DS RPG is going to appear on the 3DS as Devil Survivor Over Clock. Yes, the 3DS is backwards compatible and yes, the original Devil Survivor is pretty easy to find. I don’t see the point of the port either.

Devil Survivor Over Clock is pretty much exactly the same game. It’ll just have a few tweaks and extra features that will make it slightly better than the original game. The biggest change is an extra day. The original game was seven days long, and Over Clock is eight days long. The new version will also have 20 extra demons added in to collect, multiple difficulty levels, a few new maps and full voice acting.

Visually, Devil Survivor Over Clock is going to look a lot like Devil Survivor. The only thing that will be in 3D are the monster images when you look through them in the menus. Kind of a letdown, right? The maps will also be a bit bigger. But otherwise – the same. To give you an idea, the image on the right is from the original game. The 3DS version’s bottom screen will pretty much be identical, while the top screen will be wider. Famitsu received exclusive 3DS Over Clock screenshots, if you want to see what the newest version looks like.

Devil Survivor Over Clock will be released on the 3DS in Japan in 2011. I’m guessing it’ll show up in North America as well, since we did get the original Devil Survivor. It is a pretty amazing RPG and one of my absolute favorite DS games, but I don’t think you’ll miss out on too much if you decide to stick with the original Devil Survivor.

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