DLsite now carrying Hatoful Boyfriend complete edition in English

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DLsite now carrying Hatoful Boyfriend complete edition in English

You won’t believe it guys. Today is the day when the best news ever has been revealed! Remember Hatoful Boyfriend? How could you forget? It’s the dating sim where players help a young girl who’s pretty much a barbarian find love with birds while attending a high school just for birds. It was glorious, hilarious and the free demo made everything right in the world.

That was only just a demo. It didn’t detail all of Hiyoko Tousaka’s lovely adventures at St. Pigeonation’s Institute as she tried to make it as a human among birds and perhaps find love. Sure, it let you go through what seemed like a full adventure and get an end, but it wasn’t complete. That’s where Hatoful Boyfriend -Hatoful Complete Edition- would pick up with an additional character and extended storylines for all other characters. While an English patch was promised for the full release, people were left wondering how they’d be able to actually get the game to patch it. Worry no more, as DLsite is selling the full game in English! There’s no patching required.

All you have to do is head over to DLsite.com. It’s ¥420 yen there, which is currently $5.19/€3.96. Just pay, download and you’re on your way to loads of pigeon goodness. Well, pigeon, dove and partridge. It’ll be fun, I promise.

If you’re not sure about paying, the demo is still available. Just download it from here and patch it with the English patch from here and you’ll be fine.

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