Eitr Preview: Expect great things

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Eitr Preview: Expect great things

I’m looking forward to Eitr, and you should be as well.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Eitr’s indie developers during E3 2015. Their prior meeting ran late, as did mine, for reasons I would come to understand through meeting them. Eneme
Entertainment is comprised of two people, artist and designer David Wright and coder and developer Tobi Harper. The pair greeted me and welcomed me into their space, controller in hand. They were
happy to show off their project not as professionals making a pitch, but as gaming enthusiasts. I would have been happy to hang out with them well beyond our allotted time.


Eitr is an isometric hack ‘n slash with a look and feel familiar to veterans of the older Diablo titles. Its story is set in Norse mythology. When the god Loki interfered with the
weaving of her fate, the Shield Maiden became the only one of her people unaffected by the titular poison, eitr, that threatens the nine Norse worlds. She must face corrupted terrors to discover
her fate and, hopefully, reverse the damage to the lands and to her people.

As the pair…

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