Fan service without pleasure

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Fan service without pleasure

There have been few reviews of Monster Monpiece going around. It may be because its a very niche card/strategy game that was likely passed off in favor of larger games, but more likely it
is the fact that there are aspects of the game that are problematic to say the least.  Go to the comments section of any review and you’ll likely find a deeply embedded flame-war taking
place. For the record, our own Jerimiah Mueller found that “the imagery tainted what could have been
an enjoyable game
“. Personally, I’m inclined to agree, having enjoyed the game, but feeling deeply aware of how distastefully juvenile it felt. Tellingly, publisher Idea Factory felt the need
to make alterations to the artwork, as well as remove the ability to take screenshots of the game on Vita.

While it is easy to get stuck on the subject of Monster Monpiece and count its problems, it feels more symptomatic of a larger problem and the state of the industry. Monster
is an extreme case of fan service, a term that covers everything from overlong pans of mechas to “gratuitous titillation”. Developer Compile Heart is no stranger to it either, with
their work with Record of Agarest War and Hyper Dimension Neptunia nearly defined by it. By definition, fan service is gratuitous and…

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