Five things I love about Theatrhythm Dragon Quest

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Five things I love about Theatrhythm Dragon Quest

Theatrhythm Dragon QuestI am overjoyed that Theatrhythm Dragon Quest
exists. Sure, it would have been nice if the game weren’t exclusive to Japan, and I suppose I would have preferred not having to import a Japan-region 3DS in order to play it, but it is and I did
and I’ve no regrets. I’ve expressed my desire for this game to happen since the release of the first game, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy. Its sequel, Curtain Call, proved that Square
Enix wasn’t done with the concept and made substantial improvements to what the first offered. I prepared myself for what the Dragon Quest iteration would include.

But, I am pleased to say, I was not prepared for the whole of Theatrhythm Dragon Quest. What I expected was for the familiar game engine to swap out the Final Fantasy elements such as
graphics, sound effects, and of course music for Dragon Quest equivalents. That we would have classic Dragon Quest attack sound effects, the carriage instead of the chocobo, and a
flying Dracky for the “now saving” animation, such changes were a given. But Theatrhythm Dragon Quest includes several, subtle touches that get things just right and are a joy for longtime
fans of the series. Here are five of my favorites.

The battles are first-person view and robust

This should have been an obvious change, but it’s noteworthy that they retooled the engine to make it possible. Theatrhythm Dragon Quest doesn’t reuse Final Fantasy’s side-view for
battle stages, but instead features a fully redesigned GUI that places character portraits at the bottom of the top screen and respective health and magic bars on the lower screen. This allows for

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