Gamertell Review: Downhill Night download edition dating sim for PC

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Gamertell Review: Downhill Night download edition dating sim for PC

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Moero Downhill Night Download Edition box art

Title: Downhill Night (aka Moero Downhill Night Type R)
Price: $24.95
System(s): PC-CD, *PC Digital Download (98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7)
Release Date: October 2009
Publisher (Developer): Peach Princess
Rating: “Adult Only” for explicit sexual imagery. Intended for gamers age 18 and older.
Pros: Decent art, in-depth conversation trees, multiple story lines, attempt to include 3D racing scenes and a time-sensitive text-based reaction scheme that is innovative for the genre. Plenty of save slots.
Cons: Muddied and seemingly repetitive 3D racing videos.
Overall Score: One thumb up, one thumb sideways; 85/100; B; * * * 1/2 out of five.

Japanese dating sims are an interesting mix of conversation and sex. While most people buy these to speed click to get to the naughty parts, the games often include extensive conversation trees, a lot of well executed art and some type of twist to make it at least a little different from other text-and-still-images-based games.

Moero Downhill Night Type R offers all that plus attempted interactive 3D video segments and an innovative time-based element that could easily be pilfered and used to help improve many other conversation-based games.

Nice Noodles

Daichi Shou is a noodle deliveryman who wants to be a world class racing star but cannot seem to escape his low-paying job-on-a-bike. That is, of course, until he happens across a few busty ladies who ask him to fine tune their racing skills.

Moero Downhill Night Type R screen shot

You play as Daichi, selecting various conversion responses and proving that you have keen sense of observation, making you ideal as the number two for wannabe women drivers (all potential lovers).

Like most Japanese dating sim games, there is a lot of text-based conversation (with Japanese voice overs), still images of anime style art and conversation trees that either lead to romantic interludes or quick disses.

Moero Downhill Night Type R also includes a few rendered 3D video segments to augment the races, adding a little more suspense than your usual dating game.

Lots of Talk, Plenty of Action


Downhill Night may have a lot more pensive, inner thoughts of the main character than sexy scenes but don’t expect to be able to click though and get right to the naughty stuff as you can with some similar games.

Moero Downhill Night Type R screen shot

After the dialog-intense still shots with text and audio are more detailed videos of cars racing on streets. Many of the videos may seem repeated but they are often unique, reflecting the cars in the competition and your choices, even if seeming a but muddied. Even so, it’s a bit better quality than you might expect from a text-and-picture game. The video is not going to win any graphics awards but at least the attempt is admirable and reflects your choices and the story.

The innovative part is the timed response segment. During each race you have to make decision about what the driver (an anime hottie) will do next. You have to had paid attention to each driver’s style as well as the opponents persona. So, instead of quickly skipping through the dull dialog, you have to pay attention and look for clues as to how each driver will react. Pick the correct move and you’ll win the race. Pick the wrong move or take too long to decide and the game’s over.

If you help win a race, then you then get the opportunity to win over the ladies. There you still need to make the correct decisions, which will often require a bit of patience and trial and error. If you are correct, you’ll be rewarded with well drawn scenes of anime naughtiness and audible groans of pleasure. Wrong, and it’s either game over or another lonely trip back to your apartment.

Moero Downhill Night Type R screen shot

In the Lane

Downhill Night is easily a step above the standard Japanese dating sim. It rarely objectifies the women (the insecure main character might take an extra peek or two but is usually quite respectful and usually at the whim of the women), it includes a lot of decent anime style imagery, has a lot of voice files, all the dialog is well translated and it offers an innovative time-sensitive text-based reaction scheme. The 3D videos are commendable but ultimately feeling repetitive even when unique and looking too muddied.

If you are into the dating sim scene, you’ll certainly not be disappointed with the action, the replayability and the innovative time-sensitive, text-based reaction scheme of Downhill Night. Peach Princess certainly took the “fast cars, faster women” idea to task.

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