Gametech makes it easier for PSPgo owners to play games with a PS3 controller

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Gametech makes it easier for PSPgo owners to play games with a PS3 controller

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Gametech PSPgo controller holderThe PSPgo is unique in that it allows owners to grab their PS3 dualshock controller and use it to play their favorite games. It’s a wonderful idea, and Gametech is working on an accessory which will hopefully make it easier for people to do so. It’s a plastic holder which clamps onto the PSPgo and the Sixaxis or DualShock 3 controller to make gaming easier.

As you can see from the image, the holder attaches to the back of the PSPgo and also to the back of the Bluetooth PS3 controller. That way you are able to see the action perfectly, and support the PSPgo while holding the controller in its normal position. No cords or wires are needed.

So far, Gametech only has plans to release this controller holder in Japan, for ¥2,980 ($~35.75) at the end of 2010. Since it doesn’t rely on any cords though and all PSPgos and PS3 controllers are the same size regardless of region, you could import one for yourself, if you’d like. I’d suggest waiting for a price drop, since $35 is a lot to pay for a piece of plastic. You could probably fashion a similar accessory on your own for a third of that. It does look quite comfortable though!

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