Genterprise bringing DSiWare games to the DS

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Genterprise bringing DSiWare games to the DS

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Genterprise G.G. Collection +DSiWare games aren’t so exclusive anymore. Genterprise, which has worked with Suzak to create 14 DSiWare games in Japan, has just announced it will be releasing all the games on a DS cartridge! The G.G. Collection + is your standard mini-game collection, only made up of mostly games that originally appeared on the DSi for 200 Nintendo Points each. The collection comes out May 27, 2010 and will cost around ¥4,800 ($53).

Tiny Cartridge has a full list of the 30 games that will be included with G.G. Collection +. Don’t worry if you don’t recognize, well, any of them. Only 14 were released as DSiWare in Japan, and, after taking a quick look through the list and comparing it to DSiWare games I’ve seen released in the US, seems like none were released outside of Japan.

Here’s the list from Tiny Cartridge below – I went through and added genres, when possible, to the games that didn’t have a genre indicated in the original list.

  1. Energy Chain (puzzle)
  2. Conveyer Konpou (puzzle)
  3. Wonder Land (shooting)
  4. Z-ONE (shooting)
  5. Ninja Karakuri-den (action)
  6. Chou Hero Ouga (shooting)
  7. Tetsubou (action)
  8. Drift Circuit (racing)
  9. Black X Block (action)
  10. Vertex (puzzle)
  11. Dark Spirits (shooting)
  12. D-Tank (action)
  13. Assault Buster (shooting)
  14. Drilling Attack (action)
  15. The Last Knight (action)
  16. Variable Arms (action)
  17. Whipper no Daibouken (action)
  18. Kakure Ninja Kagemaru (action)
  19. All Breaker (action)
  20. Nyokki (action)
  21. Shadow Army (shooting)
  22. Score Attacker (shooting)
  23. HarisenBON! (shooting)
  24. Bekutoru (puzzle)
  25. Hero Puzzle (puzzle)
  26. Throw Out (sports)
  27. Exciting River (sports)
  28. Run & Strike (sports)
  29. Uchuu Race (sports)
  30. Air Pinball Hockey (sports)

No plans for a stateside release just yet, but the DS is region-free and it seems like many of the puzzle and shooter DSiWare games in the G.G. Series Collection + will be import friendly. Perhaps if Genterprise’s endeavor is well received, we’ll see other DSiWare publishers putting games on cartridges for everyone to enjoy. It’d probably be cheaper too!

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