Half Minute Hero’s sequel called Yuusha 30 Second, includes quest creator

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Half Minute Hero’s sequel called Yuusha 30 Second, includes quest creator

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Half Minute Hero

The PSP game Half Minute Hero, aka Yuusha 30, did well enough to merit a sequel. That isn’t too surprising, as it did offer a lot of variety and unique gameplay experience. The question is, will North America get to see it. Since Yuusha 30 Second has only just been announced for Japan and won’t be out there until November 4, 2010, I think we’ll have to wait a while to see if XSEED will step up and deliver again.

Like the previous game, there will be five different modes. And while they’ll all have different stories, Yuusha 30 Second will differ from Half Minute Hero in that they’re all action-RPG Hero 30 modes. There’ll be Hero 30 Overature, Hero 30 Judgement, Hero 30 Revolution, Hero 30 Ragnarok and Hero 30 Destiny. The hero for the first two segments will be Yusha, the heroine for the third segment will be Yushia, the hero for the fourth segment will Yuja and the hero for the final segment hasn’t been revealed.

There will also be a few extra features to add replay value. You can continually play and fight bosses, play against or with three other friends over local Wi-Fi or create your own adventures. Yes, there is a level creator where you can make your own mini-adventures. You can then play the custom adventures in the multiplayer mode or upload them to the internet to share. That means you can download other people’s quests as well.

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