Here’s what you get when you buy a Japanese 3DS

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Here’s what you get when you buy a Japanese 3DS

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Japan 3DS Nintendo BlueThe 3DS isn’t out in Japan until February 26, 2011 and you already know you want it. Even though you don’t know if its region-locked or region-free, you’re ready to take the risk and spend ¥25,000 (~$300) on it. Good for you. Nintendo’s decided it’s time to let you know what you’ll be getting with your brand new system.

First, you’re getting a 3DS. It’ll be either blue or black. (I guess we’ll have to wait for that pretty purple prototype from E3 2010!). You’ll also get what you need to charge the battery – a charging cable and AC adaptor. You also get a touch pen, because you can’t play touch screen games without a stylus. There’s a 2gb SD card as well. Finally, six AC cards for games that need them.

You’ll also get some included games and applications. They’ll already be installed and ready for you to use the first time you turn your 3DS on. There will be camera and sound apps, which let you take pictures and listen to music. The Mii Studio and Street Pass Mii Plaza will also be ready to go the moment you turn it on, to create your avatars. It sounds like the Activity Log may be some kind of planner of some sort. Then there’s Kao Shooting, a shooting game where faces from pictures you take will come at you, trying to attack. You shoot them to make them go away. Nintendo also says augmented reality games will be included, but doesn’t list any specific titles.

As exciting as a new console is, I would wholeheartedly advise waiting until after the Japanese launch date to import one. If the system ends up being region-locked, like the DSi and DSi XL, then you won’t be able to play any games released in North America. You’d have to import all your 3DS games! Plus it’s always best to wait a week or two before buying a brand new system – find out what other people think and make sure the first batch doesn’t have any flaws.

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