How exactly can I get Japanese games to play on an American PS2?

June 4, 2010 - 12:00 pm 2 Comments
Sora W. asked:

I REALLY want to play Kingdom Hearts II FM on my PS2 but, it doesn’t play games made in Japan so what exactly am I supposed to do to get my PS2 to play Japanese games. Please make the answer EASY to understand.

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2 Responses to “How exactly can I get Japanese games to play on an American PS2?”

  1. alexwassupyo Says:

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    The best way is to ask someone from Japan to teach you Japanese. There are also online lessons available that go into the basics. If a local school or community college doesn’t offer Japanese, you may be able to consult a newspaper to find a Japanese tutor. Good luck!

  2. eatmoreramen Says:

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    I’ll make this is as simple as possible.

    First off, you will have to spend some money in order to do this. If you’re not older than 18 or don’t have access to some form of online payment, then I need to tell you give up now. However if you do, I will tell you the easiest way possible.

    The HARD way is to OPEN up your playstation 2 and install a MOD chip. This is the more difficult way to do it.

    The easy way to play import games, and the way I do it, is using what’s called the Swap Magic.

    NOW, this is important: do you have the old version of the ps2? or the new slim version of the ps2?

    If you do have the old version, follow my instructions.
    If you have the new version, edit your post letting me know you have the new version and I will help you with that.

    These are for the OLD version of the ps2:

    Go here:..product.17111.html

    buy that.

    When it comes, follow the instructions that it comes with. You will have to remove the cover to the cd drive on your ps2, but thats rather simple as its only a few screws. Then you will place the Swap Magic DVD into the drive.

    After it reached it’s main page, you will use the “slide card” that it comes with and force open the tray without hitting the eject button. Then you can place in KH2:FM or any other import or copied game. You then force the tray shut, and lock it back into place with the slide card.

    Theres a video on their website to show you how its done, because at first it is confusing!

    Then you press X and you are good to go!

    Despite how hard this may sound, this is the EASIEST way to do it.

    *IMPORTANT!!!!* Lastly, you do need to KNOW Japanese to play the game. It’s impossible, no matter what method you use, to convert the game’s text to English. So if you don’t know Japanese, don’t even bother.

    Any more questions, feel free to contact me!

    Hope this helps!

    -Mikey ^_^

    *EDIT* and to the person above me…learning Japanese takes YEARS and YEARS to fluently understand everything…I’m hoping he already understands Japanese so he can play the game.

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