How To: 8 ways to earn ribbons every day in Poupeegirl

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How To: 8 ways to earn ribbons every day in Poupeegirl

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Poupeegirl プーペガールYour first day or two on the Poupeegirl website is easy. You get ribbons, the game’s currency, for doing pretty much everything the first time. Ribbons for making a profile, ribbons for adding a friend, extra ribbons for dressing up, you get the idea. But after that first day, earning those ever elusive ribbons that are the key to making your avatar fashionable becomes quite a struggle.

After all, if you want to purchase clothes, accessories and makeup for your avatar from the in-game shops, you’ll probably be spending at least 100 ribbons on each item. You could even spend over 300 ribbons on particularly rare and elusive items. Even some rare market items, where other Poupeegirl users sell items they no longer need or want, can get pretty pricey.

Gamertell’s here to help out a little, with seven things you can do every day in Poupeegirl that could help you earn some precious ribbons. Even better, some of these activities not only help you earn ribbons, they help other people earn ribbons too!

  1. Log in: One of the easiest ways to earn ribbons is to just visit the site every day. You get 10 for visiting.
  2. Dress up your avatar: You get 10 ribbons a day for dressing up. If you visit for days in a row, or a whole month, you’ll get bonus ribbons. A whole month of visits gets you 200 ribbons.
  3. Upload pictures: If you upload pictures of your real life clothes to your virtual closet, you’ll get ribbons. Usually between 5-20 ribbons. You’ll also get items you can either keep or sell on the market. The first time you upload an picture, you’ll get 30 ribbons as a gift. If people Suteki your uploaded items and they end up in the Suteki Rankings, you’ll earn ribbons as well.
  4. Commenting on other people’s uploaded pictures: You can comment 20 times a day, and get two ribbons for each comment. Even better, they get two ribbons for each comment you make as well. Make friends with other Poupeegirl users, so you can know people will be watching and more willing to comment.
  5. Working the market: If you have items you don’t need, sell them for ribbons to other users. Look up your item on to see what a fair price for it is, to make sure you make the most for your money. Likewise, use the Oribon to research items on the market before you buy them, to make sure you aren’t wasting ribbons.
  6. Invite friends: If you invite other friends to join Poupeegirl, and they accept, you get 30 ribbons for each successful invite. Plus, you get to send them an invite item to help get their closet started. It’s win-win.
  7. Search using the Poupeegirl search bar: You get 10 ribbons a day for searching for three words using the search bar in the upper left corner of the screen on your main page.
  8. Buy jewels and convert them to ribbons: If you don’t mind paying actual money, you can use a credit card or Paypal to purchase jewels, which you can then spend on jewel items or convert into ribbons.

Of course, the easiest way to earn ribbons for free is to buy Poupeegirl DS when it comes out in Japan on December 17, 2009. Sure, you’ll have to pay $50 plus dollars for the game, but it’ll be quicker and easier to earn ribbons in it. Plus, you’ll get a code for a free, exclusive dress-up item for your avatar on the Poupeegirl site.

If you’ve never played Poupeegirl before, it’s a dress-up game and social networking site revolving around fashion. You create an avatar you can dress up. But, the dress up items and accessories all cost ribbons or jewels. (Jewels are for cash shop items.) You can upload your fashionable items to earn points and dress up items, participate in dress-up contests and play games, though Go! Go! Piyo Balloon is the only one at the Poupee Amusement area at the moment.

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