how to mod my ps2 to play japanese games?

August 28, 2009 - 5:13 pm 2 Comments
jason f asked:

hi, i have a japanese ps2 game but it wont work because i have an american ps2. how do i mod it to be able to play japanese ps2 games?

i heard i can buy a mod chip. but i dont want to risk messing up my ps2. also, i heard that there is a disc which is better because it wont mess up my ps2 and its auctually cheaper. can someone give me a direct link to what it is, and where i can buy it? thanks! 10 pts if you help and a report(for spam) if you just answer stuff like “uhh. i dont know” just to raise your points :)

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2 Responses to “how to mod my ps2 to play japanese games?”

  1. Gandalf Says:

    No Idea what’s being said? – Grab Rocket Japanese!

    Use swap magic discs to play copied or other region games.

  2. lynxpointfan Says:

    The way imports are made to be played – Rocket Japanese!

    The answer above mine is correct, except that in order to use swap magic, you need to buy a “Flip top” case for your PS2. This requres removing all of the contents of your PS2 and moving them into a different case. If you have the fatty system, go to Buy that app, a network adapter for the PS2 and up to a 120GB hard drive. This will allow you to not only play your games region free, but also you will be playing them from the hard drive. This reduces stress on the laser as it only boots the Hard drive using the HD loader disk and then everything else is off the hard drive. You will also seee 2/3rd faster “Loading” speeds.

    Good luck.

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