I can’t tell if Sonic Hello Kitty is cute or creepy

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I can’t tell if Sonic Hello Kitty is cute or creepy

I don’t know what to do with today’s news. Really, I don’t. I’m at an absolute loss.

A new Sonic x Hello Kitty cross over promotion has been announced. This happens fairly often with Hello Kitty, and usually involves Sanrio’s iconic cat dressing up as famous characters. Like for the Capcom x Sanrio cross-over, Hello Kitty appeared in Chun-Li’s outfit. In the case of Sonic x Hello Kitty, it involves Hello Kitty looking like she’s wearing a full-body Sonic the Hedgehog costume.

As crazy as it may sound, I don’t want one. I’m just staring at that image in confusion. Let’s move on with the announcement.

The collaboration was thought up in honor of the Tokyo Joypolis amusement park, which opens this weekend on July 14, 2012 in, you guessed it, Tokyo, Japan. Which means right now Sonic Hello Kitty is a Japan exclusive and you’ll have to turn to eBay or some other site to grab one for yourself. Only one size will be available and you’ll only be able to get one from the three Sega Joypolis parks scattered throughout Japan.

If you’re willing to wait a year, you can get a more affordable Sonic Hello Kitty. Sega and Sanrio are going to make her an international icon as well and she’ll be available worldwide in 2013. Perhaps there will be more than just one size plushie by then, or even other Sonic Hello Kitty character goods.

So, I know I should be looking at this mashup and cooing over how cute it is, but I can’t do it. Somehow, when it’s Sonic Hello Kitty it just feels… wrong. It’s like I’m looking at a Hello Kitty with red shoes that somehow acquired a Sonic the Hedgehog suit. I don’t want to know how she acquired said suit. Or why Hello Kitty would even want to look like Sonic. Thinking too hard about Sonic Hello Kitty while I’m in this state of mind can only lead to bad things.

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