Important Importables: 10 best games Japan gave us in 2012

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Hot Japanese Imports: 10 best games Japan gave us in 2012

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As 2012 draws to a close, the time to reflect sets in as we remember all of the great games we’ve played this year. We’ve spent a lot of time playing and enjoying these games, and it only seems
right to honor the good times we’ve had by listing some of the titles that meant the most to us. Which brings us to Hot Japanese Imports salute to the 10 best games Japan gave us in 2012. Because
you know those Japanese developers are awesome.

Now, this year’s top 10 list is unique in that Hot Japanese Imports is saluting any game that was released in Japan in 2012, and not only ones that never received a worldwide release. So the list
of games you’re about to peruse may include titles that you can grab right now in North America or Europe and enjoy.

10: One Piece: Pirate Warriors (PS3)

One Piece: Pirate Warriors is notable for a number of reasons. First, it’s a pretty awesome game that offers a trunicated overview of a big part of the One Piece storyline. Second, it
made a lot of imporvements to Omega Force and Tecmo Koei’s Musou formula by making combos matter and adding some light platforming elements with Luffy’s special abilities. Finally, it’s been
a while since we’ve seen a One Piece game in North America and that’s always worth celebrating.

9: Pandora’s Tower (Wii)

Now this one hurts. Pandora’s Tower is among the last Wii RPGs. Aeron’s friend Elena was cursed during a festival and will turn into a monster if Aeron doesn’t fight his wat through 13
towers, collecting the Master Flesh from each one’s boss for Elena to eat. Naturally, he goes and does it and players tag along for the ride. It’s highlights are a relationship system with Elena,
which leads to one of multiple endings depending on what Aeron does. If you live in Japan or Europe, you can grab Pandora’s Tower right now. Those of us in North America are…

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