Important Importables: 10 import DS games that should be in the eShop

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Hot Japanese Imports: 10 import DS games that should be in the eShop

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freshly picked tingles rosy rupee land import ds gamesA sad truth about the DS generation is that a lot of fantastic, import DS games never made it outside of Japan. There were just too many good games, some of them too weird or obscure,
and not enough companies to take a chance on them. Which meant people had to resort to importing if they wanted them. It worked out well, as the DS was region-free and we’re in an age where it’s
easy to find whatever you want and order it from online.

However, we’re reaching a point where some of these import DS games are getting harder to find. Which means it’s time to look to a new alternative. Sony’s PlayStation Store has a PSOne Imports
section, where digital downloads of untranslated, Japanese games are released. I believe the 3DS eShop needs an import DS game section and have put together a list of 10 games that should be among
the first to grace this non-existent, but truly essential section.

  • Soma Bringer: The lack of Soma Bringer outside of Japan is a grave injustice. This Monolith Soft game is one of the best DS RPGs, especially since an unlockable character
    adds replay value. It’s a beautiful, well designed, 3D RPG and while it is text heavy, it wouldn’t have been too difficult to localize. The best part about a potential import DS eShop release is
    that there are already multiple guides and FAQs for the game online, so people could still navigate and enjoy the game without knowing the language.
  • Duel Love: Duel Love is hilarious. It’s a dating sim for girl’s that’s a visual novel with mini-games tossed into the mix. The heroine becomes the…

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