Important Importables: 10 Japanese horror movies and animes to enjoy on Halloween

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Hot Japanese Imports: 10 Japanese horror movies and animes to enjoy on Halloween

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Halloween’s only two days away, so there’s still time to plan a spooky way to spend your night. If you’re too old for trick or treating or don’t feel like heading out to a bar to party, then you can always spend your night at home with close friends, scaring yourself silly with movies and TV shows.

There are tons of great anime series that fall into the thriller category and many legendary Japanese horror movies. So today in Hot Japanese Imports I’m recommending five anime series and five horror movies you may want to hunt down and watch this weekend.

The BoogiePop Phantom DVD collection anime

Unsettling Animes

If you want to watch a series that’s somewhat unsettling and has lots of twists and turns, then turn to Boogiepop Phantom. There is a town that experienced a horrible string of murders five years ago and a strange pillar of light a month ago. Strange occurances have happened since, and all the people who were touched by the events are effected. Rumor is, the supposed Boogiepop is behind or part of it.

Fans of the X-Files may want to check out Petshop of Horrors. There’s a petshop in Chinatown run by Count D that has the most unsual pets. Anyone who comes in can form a contract to adopt one, but breaking the rules could result in horrible consequences. Everyone gets the pet he or she deserves. Sometimes a story is happy, but more often its not.

Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) is another episodic series. Almost every episode begins with someone discovering the Jigoku Shoujo website. If a person enter someone’s name, he or she will receive a straw doll from Ai Enma with a string around it’s neck. Pulling the string will send the client’s hated person to Hell, but whoever uses the doll is also destined to go to Hell as well.

If you want to follow a single story, then Hellsing may be the series for you. In thios series Integra Hellsing heads a group called the Hellsing Organization (Holy Order of Protestant Knights), which protects the Queen and England from supernatural threats. Their strongest weapon is Alucard, a vampire defeated by Van Hellsing. Nazis have created a group called Millenium and want to create a new Third Reich with vampires.

Gantz isn’t exactly horror, but is a suspenseful and thrilling series that would be great to watch on Halloween. It follows people who have recently died and been “drafted” to fight against aliens. They are forced to remain as the task force until they’ve earned 100 points for killing aliens, at which point they can leave and lead normal lives. Between missions, people are allowed to live their lives again.

The Tomie Movie Collection DVD set

Scary Movies

One series you may want to consider is Tomie. There are eight Tomie movies, Tomie, Tomie: Another Face, Tomie: replay, Tomie: Rebirth, Tomie: Forbidden Fruit -, Tomie: Beginning, Tomie: Revenge and Tomie vs. Tomie. Its a series of movies about an otherworldly and decidedly evil girl named Tomie. She’s hauntingly beautiful and seems unable to die. In many entries, Tomie starts out as just a head, which regenerates into her “normal” self. The first five films are available with English subtitles in The Tomie Collection.

Another cult classic is Audition. In it a man named Shigeharu Aoyama is convinced by his son and friend to start dating and search for a new wife, as his died seven years ago and his loved ones don’t want him to be alone. So his friend helps him hold a mock-audition. The women think they’re auditioning for a movie, but really Shigeharu is trying to pick a wife. He picks the mysterious Asami, who doesn’t seem quite right.

Gamers may want to check out Parasite Eve, the movie based on the novel that inspired the Square Enix video game series. It’s slightly different than you would expect though, so don’t look for Aya Brea. This Japanese thriller follows the events that happen after a man uses mitochondria on his dead wife and accidentally creates a new species that wants to wipe out humanity.

Infection is yet another scary movie that may want to make you avoid hospitals. After a patient with an unknown ailment is brought to a run-down and nearly broke hospital, and this strange disease starts to spread among the patients with terrifying results.

Finally, if you’re looking for some brief horror stories, then you may want to try and find Dark Tales of Japan. It’s actually a collection of five short horror movies, each with a different unique and unsettling storyline.

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