Important Importables: 10 kinds of Japanese treats to try

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Hot Japanese Imports: 10 kinds of Japanese treats to try

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Hi-Chew MorinagaWith Easter coming up, candy and other sweet treats are sure to be on people’s minds. When making up goodie bags for people, adding in some exotic treats could bring an unexpected smile to their faces. Trying new things is fun, and Japan has a wide selection of awesome snacks and candies. Whether you need to make an Easter basket or just want to get someone some spring sweets, here’s a summary and selection of 10 pretty cool items you could grab for people you want to impress.

Just be aware, the price below are an average. The following candies, cookies and drinks could be a little more or a little less, depending on where you live or buy them from.

Made By: Meiji
Price: Usually between $1.69
What is it? Little cone-shaped, strawberry-flavored chocolates.
Why is it so awesome? They’re tasty and bite sized chocolates that taste wonderful. It’s hard not to like them. Plus, the little pink bunny mascot is adorable.

Cara Crepe (Caramel Crepe Cookies)
Made By: Bourbon
Price: $2.49
What is it? A crepe-cookie with a flakey exterior and caramel goo inside.
Why is it so awesome? It’s a little more elegant than Pocky. Especially with the wafer outside. They’re great with coffee, or as an ice cream garnish.

Choco Baby
Made By:Meiji
Price: $1.69
What is it? Little pieces of chocolate. They’re about [  ] that big.
Why is it so awesome? They’re ever so tiny, but also ever so tasty. You can eat a bunch at once, and not feel guilty about it. Plus, the container fits perfectly in a purse, backpack or pocket. The only thing better was the strawberry Choco Baby, but they don’t make those anymore.

Made By: Morinaga
Price: It depends on the size pack, but usually $1.79
What is it? Fruity candy chews, kind of like Starbursts.
Why is it so awesome? They’re quite tasty and flavorful. Plus, they’re available in quite a few different flavors and varieties. Hi-Chews are also pretty easy to find in Asian grocery stores.

Kit Kats
Made By: Nestle
Price: $1.99, though this can vary by size and type
What is it? Chocolate covered-wafer cookies.
Why is it so awesome? Japanese Kit Kats are better because they are available in so many flavors. Aside from the typical milk, dark and white chocolate varieties, there are also flavors like apple, cherry, rose, wine, strawberry, green tea and more.

Koala’s March
Made By: Lotte
Price: $2.99
What is it? They’re Koala Yummies! Little vanilla cookies shaped like koalas with chocolate creme inside.
Why is it so awesome? Like I said a moment ago, Koala’s March are really Koala Yummies in disguise. If you’re a child of the 80’s or 90’s, you’ll remember these great little cookies that had different koala designs on them and just tasted awesome.

Pocky Dessert OrangePocky
Made By: Glico
Price: $1.99 for the basic chocolate variety, but other flavors will usually cost more.
What is it? Cookie-biscuits dipped in frosting or chocolate.
Why is it so awesome? When people think of Japanese treats, Pocky is immediately what springs to mind. It’s practically the official snack food for the country. It’s inherently simple, but the fact that there are so many different varieties and flavors ensure that there’s a kind of Pocky for everyone.

Made By: Sangaria
Price: $1.99
What is it? It’s a carbonated soda drink. It’s most often found in a lemon-lime flavor, but there are also lots of other varieties to choose from.
Why is it so awesome? It’s unusual and recognizable. Plus, it’s just plain fun to open, since the drink always comes in a glass bottle where you have to use the cap to press a marble down so you can start drinking it.

Sakuma Fruit Drops
Made By: Sakuma Candy
Price: $2.99
What is it? Fruit-flavored hard candy. They are also available in other varieties. If you look hard enough, you may find liquor-flavored varieties.
Why is it so awesome? They’re tasty on their own, plus they appeared in Grave of the Fireflies. Also, I’ve found Fruit Drops come in quite handy if you aren’t feeling well. Especially if you have a cough or sore throat.

Made By: Meiji
Price: $1.19
What is it? Biscuit cookies that you dip in strawberry, vanilla or chocolate frosting. Sometimes, the sticks have saying or fortunes on them.
Why is it so awesome? Yan-Yan are slightly superior to Pocky, in a way, because you can control the amount of frosting and icing on there. Of course, the downside is you probably end up using all of the icing on the first five cookies you eat, meaning you have to eat the rest of them raw.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Hot Japanese Imports talks about the Meiji candy company.

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