Important Importables: 2009 DS import game gift guide

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Hot Japanese Imports: 2009 DS import game gift guide

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Pokemon Heart Gold ポケットモンスター ハートゴールド 特典 オリジナルフィギュア「ホウオウ」付きChristmas and Hanukkah are fast approaching, and with them the holiday shopping season. An import video game can be a great gift, as it could be something people normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to play and enjoy. There’ve been a lot of great DS releases in Japan in 2009, and today Gamertell’s recommending 10 that could make fantastic gifts.

To help make shopping easier, I’ve visited the online stores I’ve mentioned in Hot Japanese Imports and bought from before, checking the prices on the following recommended games. I’ve used that to create a general price range, giving the lowest and highest prices, so you have a better idea of what you may have to pay for the recommended games. (It also serves as a helpful reminder to comparison shop before making a video game purchase at JBox. $75 for Love Plus?)

Arabians Lost DS
Price Range: $58.90 (Play-Asia) – $60 (Himeya Shop)
Genre: RPG / Dating Sim
Release Date: September 10, 2009
Publisher: Prototype
Cero Rating: Cero B (12+)
Description: You play as a princess whose country is populated with thieves, assassins, cheats, gamblers and all sorts of other undesireable people. You’ve just learned your parents want to arrange a marriage for you. But, if you can raise $10,000,000 in a month, you can get out of it. Befriend dubious men, take missions, dungeon crawl and gamble to try and reach your quota.

光の4戦士 -ファイナルファンタジー外伝 Hikari no 4 Senshi Final Fantasy GaidenHikari no 4 Senshi: Final Fantasy Gaiden
Price Range: $59.90 (Play-Asia) – $65 (Himeya Shop)
Genre: RPG
Release Date: October 29, 2009
Publisher: Square Enix
Cero Rating: Cero A (All Ages)
Description: A Square Enix Final Fantasy RPG that is supposed to be more “new player” friendly. It features touch screen controls, a massive job system that revolves around wearing hats to gain new skills and four new characters dubbed the Warriors of Light that are off to save their world. While it’s all in Japanese, if you’re familiar with the Final Fantasy series you should have no trouble finding your way through.

Game Center CX Arino no Chousenjou 2
Price Range: $29.90 (Play-Asia) – $44.99 (YESASIA)
Release Date: February 26, 2009
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Cero Rating: Cero A (All Ages)
Description: The sequel to the first Game Center CX, which XSEED translated and localized as Retro Game Challenge. Once again, it’s a collection of retro games that never really existed, and you must overcome challenges to win and find your way home. This entry has even more hidden extras and, since Retro Game Challenge wasn’t a huge success, importing the sequel will probably be the only way to ever play it.

ラブプラス Love PlusLove Plus
Price Range: $63 (Himeya Shop) – $75 (JBox)
Genre: Dating Sim
Release Date: September 3, 2009
Publisher: Konami
Cero Rating: Cero C (15+)
Description: This game has probably become the most talked about DS game of 2009. It’s designed to be a real-time dating simulation. There are three girls to choose from, and you play it day by day, hopefully making one your girlfriend, and eventually even your wife.

Nanashi no Game Me
Price Range: $48.90 (Play-Asia) – $56 (Himeya Shop
Genre: Horror / Action
Release Date: August 25, 2009
Publisher: Square Enix
Cero Rating: Cero C (15+)
Description: The sequel to Nanashi no Game, this time there’s both a cursed RPG and a cursed platformer. Once again, you must solve the mystery of the games before you succumb to the curse and die. By the way, there are ghosts and such after you as well.

おかえり! ちびロボ! ハッピーリッチー大そうじ! Okaeri Chibi Robo Happy Rich OosoujiOkaeri Chibi Robo Happy Rich Oosouji
Price Range: $48.90 (Play-Asia)
Genre: Action
Release Date: July 22, 2009
Publisher: Nintendo
Cero Rating: Cero A (All Ages)
Description: The second DS Chibi Robo game, this entry is more similar to the GameCube Chibi Robo entry than the Walmart exclusive Chibi Robo: Park Patrol. You help a family around their house, mainly by doing household chores. (Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, the Chibi Robo games are cult classics.)

Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold
Price Range: $53 (Himeya Shop) – $59.90 (Play-Asia)
Genre: RPG
Release Date: September 12, 2009
Publisher: Nintendo
Cero Rating: Cero A (All Ages)
Description: The DS remake of the Pokemon Silver and Gold games, that come with nifty little pedometers shaped like pokeballs. Honestly, it’ll probably be out in English in North America by the end of 2010, but if you can’t wait, then import them from Japan so you, or the person you’re buying the game for, can get a jump on their pokemon collecting.

サガ2 秘宝伝説 ゴッデス オブ デスティニー SaGa 2 Hihou Densetsu Goddess of DestinySaGa 2 Hihou Densetsu Goddess of Destiny
Price Range: $54.90 (Play-Asia) – $65 (Himeya Shop)
Genre: RPG
Release Date: September 17, 2009
Publisher: Square Enix
Cero Rating: Cero A (All Ages)
Description: This is a remake of the old Game Boy game Final Fantasy Legends 2. While it got branded with the Final Fantasy label outside of Japan, it was really an entry in the SaGa series. Square Enix remade it this year with 3D graphics and additional content for the DS. It looks really spiffy, and if you loved the original game you shouldn’t have too much trouble making it through the remake. No word on a US release still, so this may end up being the only way to play it.

Umihara Kawase Jun Second Edition Kanzenban
Price Range: $52.90 (Play-Asia) – $56 (Himeya Shop)
Genre: Platformer
Release Date: October 29, 2009
Publisher: Genterprise
Cero Rating: Cero A (All Ages)
Description: This is an otherworldly, rope physics platformer starring a girl named Umihara Kawase, who possesses a grappling hook and a backpack that can digest incredibly huge marine life. It’s never been released outside of Japan, although for a while Natsume was planning to release the PSP version overseas as Yumi’s Odd Odyssey. That never happened. So this could be your only chance to play it. It contain ports of the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo and PlayStation versions of the games.

Vampire Knight DS Vampire Kishi DSVampire Knight DS
Price Range: $60 (Himeya Shop) – $64.90 (Play-Asia)
Genre: Dating Sim
Release Date: January 29, 2009
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Cero Rating: Cero B (12+)
Description: It’s essentially a life and dating simulation based on the insanely popular manga and anime series Vampire Knight. Players get to be Yuki Cross and experience little original vignettes at the academy. There are lots of cute and funny mini-games to play and seven possible men to get an ending with.

If you have a friend looking for a Japanese DSi, or are looking to get one yourself for all those eventually Japanese DSi exclusive games and DSiWare, the DSi LL system comes out November 21, 2009 in Japan. Let’s look at what you’ll have to pay if you order one through an online store:

COMING NEXT WEEK: Hot Japanese Imports recommends import PSP games in its second 2009 gift guide.

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