Important Importables: 2010 Japanese novelty gift guide

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Hot Japanese Imports: 2010 Japanese novelty gift guide

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While buying games and consoles as holiday gifts are an awesome idea, they’re also fairly expected. Besides, what happens if you have a friend or family member that you want to get a gift for, but you don’t want to spend $50 on. Because if you’re going to get any import game, odds are you’re going to be spending at least $45 on them. Time for a Japanese novelty or gadget!

See, with an imported toy or gadget you’re still telling someone you care enough about them to pick out something exotic and have it shipped from overseas, but you probably won’t be spending an excessive amount of money on it. Hot Japanese Imports today suggests eight unusual items that might work as a unique stocking stuffer.

4 in 1 SNES NES Genesis N64 Wii Controller Adapter4 in 1 SNES/NES/Genesis/N64 Wii Controller Virtual Adapter
Price? $19.99
Who has it? Japan Video Games
What is it? An adapter that lets you play Wii Virtual Console games with the original controller to provide a more realistic retro gaming experience. It only works with games that would normally have GameCube controller support.
Who would want it? Wii owners who love retro games and have some old console controllers lying around.

Animal Crossing Alarm Clock
Price? $10.50
Who has it? National Console Support, Inc.
What is it? A metal alarm clock with Tom Nook, K.K. Slider or Rosie on it.
Who would want it? Animal Crossing-fanatics. Or people who like cute, anthropomorphic animals.

Fridgeezoo Fridge Pet
Price? Around $22
Who has it? Strapya World
What is it? A Fridgeezoo Fridge Pet looks like a carton of milk with a Penguin, Polar Bear, Seal or Walrus design. When you open the fridge door, the character talks to you. (In Japanese, of course.) They say hello, ask how you’re doing and remind you to close the door.
Who would want it? Maybe someone with young kids. I bet they’d get a kick out of an animal-design milk carton that talks. College students too.

Egg Shaped Kitten
Price? $9.20
Who has it? Strapya World
What is it? An egg shaped kitten. It’s sort of like a Weebles toy. You can hold it in your hand or place it on a flat surface, and it looks adorable. If you touch it, it will meow. There are five different designs.
Who’d want it? Cat lovers. People who are easily amused and like little knick-knacks. Cat owners might enjoy seeing their pets play with it.

Itazura Coin Bank
Price? Around $22
Who has it? Strapya World
What is it? A robotic bank with a kitten or puppy inside. You put a coin on the sensor and the animal will peek up, extend a paw and drag the coin inside the box. It will also meow or bark, depending on which animal is inside.
Who would want it? Animal lovers and kids.

Maywa Denki Otamatone Melody
Price? Around $16
Who has it? AmiAmi
What is it? A keychain shaped like an eighth note. There is a smiling face on the note head. It is available in four colors (white, black, pink, blue) and plays 11 songs in 3 different octaves.
Who would want it? Musicians. Someone with keys who needs a new keychain.

USB Head Bobble Pikachu PokemonUSB Pikachu
Price? Around $35
Who has it? Strapya World
What is it? A little robotic Pikachu. You plug it into your computer’s USB port to make his head bob and his cheeks light up. You can pose him on your desk or clip him onto the top of your monitor. He might also just kind of tilt his head, knowingly.
Who would want it? Anyone who doesn’t mind a miniature pikachu watching his or her every move.

USB X’mas Tree
Price? $9.99
Who has it? Play-Asia
What is it? A miniature christmas tree that plugs into your computer’s USB drive. It will then glow, changing colors every once in a while.
Who would want it? Someone who wants to make their desktop a little more festive without doing a lot of work. You could also probably use it as a small lamp or night light.

Image Source: Strapya World

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