Important Importables: 2011 imported goodies gift guide

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Hot Japanese Imports: 2011 imported goodies gift guide

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Final Fantasy XIV Kuplu Kopo MoogleSometimes, import games and consoles aren’t the right gift. I mean, the language barrier could be too much to overcome. Plus, they’re usually twice as expensive as a game from North America. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for easy to find items though. There are tons of fun little gadgets and goodies from Japan that don’t need any translation to love! And, so you don’t have to sift through all of them, I did!

So here we go, with a pretty brief look at six different items that would work as gifts for the picky people on your list who won’t be satisfied with a gift that’s easy to find and from their own country!

Final Fantasy XIV Kuplu Kopo
Price: $29.90 at Play-Asia, $29.99 at Japan Video Games
Description: It’s a 32cm tall stuffed moogle, from the Final Fantasy series. This one is specifically from FFXIV, but since all moogles look pretty much the same, it doesn’t matter.
Who’d Want It? Final Fantasy fanatics of any age.

Ningen GakkiNingen Gakki
Price: $32.45 at AmiAmi, $36 at Japan Trend Shop, $43.60 at Strapya World
Description: This toys is both strange and awesome. It’s kind of a game for between two and four people, but it’s more of a fun timesink. Each person holds one of the arms/legs of the device, then the play button is pushed. As long as you hold the device in one hand, you can use the other to touch the other people also holding the Ningen Gakki to make noises. So, you play songs by tapping, touching and perhaps even smacking the other people.
Who’d Want It? Everybody. Primarily kids, but I could see adults wanting and having fun with it too. Hey, I want one!

Rilakkuma Nohohon Mascot
Price: $19.90 at Play-Asia, $34.99 at YesAsia
Description: Nohohons are little window-sitter mascots you set in the sunlight, and they’ll bob their heads back and forth. They’re quite relaxing. Now, there are currently two different style Rilakkuma solar-powered mascots available. The one at YesAsia is rather plain and a standard version of Rilakkuma. The Play-Asia isn’t an official Nohohon-zoku, but it is cheaper, does the same thing and puts headphones on the cute bear.
Who’d Want It? Someone who likes little novelty items that look cute and sit there, but don’t really do anything constructive.

Studio Ghibli POnyo Music boxStudio Ghibli Music Box
Price: $62.90 – $65.40 at Strapya World
Description: Now these are a whole new kind of awesome. There are three different music boxes, representing My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Ponyo. Each one plays a song from the movie and, once wound, has moving parts and characters. They’re precious. For some reason though, the Totoro music box is about $3 cheaper than the other two.
Who’d Want It? Fans of anime, or just animated movies in general.

Super Mario Bros. Wii Turtle Air Hockey
Price: $14.20 at Strapya World
Description: This is a air hockey Koopa shell. You put it on a smooth surface, like a table, and voila! Instant air hockey!
Who’d Want It? I’d say this is a definite stocking stuffer for kids under the age of 13.

Tuttuki BakoTuttuki Bako
Price: $64.99 at YesAsia, $86 at Japan Trend Shop
Description: Tuttuki Bako is actually kind of neat. It’s a block with a whole in the side and five game modes. You stick your finger in the hole to interact with the character on the screen. So you can reach in and tap a face, a lman, a panda, sea creatures or a slime.
Who’d Want It? Children. It could be something fun to have on their desks to play with when they get bored. I guess it could also be a good gag gift for a coworker, though it seems to expensive for a casual acquaintance.

So there you go, seven interesting little novelties that could easily be given as gifts to pretty much everyone on your wishlist. I’m especially fond of the Ningen Gakki, what about you?

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