Important Importables: Christmas in Japan

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Hot Japanese Imports: Christmas in Japan

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Persona 4 ChristmasChristmas isn’t a major, national holiday in Japan, like it is in other areas in the world. Nonetheless, the Japanese do celebrate it as a special day and have certain traditions they follow when it comes around every year.

Actually, if you’ve played Persona 3

or Persona 4, you may already have an idea of how some people in Japan spend Christmas. Both games have a somewhat accurate portrayal of what tends to happen on Christmas Eve in Japan.

There are two specific traditions that people carry out around this time of year, buying or making a Christmas cake and spending Christmas Eve either on a date or with friends.

Persona 4 Christmas

Christmas Cake

In Japan, on Christmas you have cake. Anyone familiar with Japanese anime, manga or dramas probably already knows this though. If you’ve played Persona 3 or 4, or even some of the Harvest Moon games, you’ve seen this tradition as well.

People either go to a store and purchase a cake from a bakery, or they make one themselves. There really isn’t a big difference, though sometimes couples will go for a homemade cake instead because it is more personal and meaningful.

The cake isn’t anything too special. It is typically some kind of sponge cake, usually white, with whipped cream or vanilla frosting. As a garnish, there will often be strawberries, some writing in icing or chocolate decorations.

Persona 4 Christmas

A day to spend with the one, or ones, you love

In North America, and other regions throughout the world, you typically spend Christmas with your family and New Years with your friends. It’s the reverse in Japan though, as Christmas is usually spent with friends or a significant other and New Years spent with family.

For most teenagers and adults, Christmas Eve is a day for a romantic date. People will arrange a date with the person they love most and go out together for dinner, or perhaps just spend the night alone at home together. However, families may spend Christmas Eve celebrating together instead, and children and some teenagers may spend Christmas Eve at a party or gathering with friends.

There is typically a gift exchange as well, but the main focus of the holiday in Japan is spending time with people, more importantly the person, you care about.

Merry Christmas from Gamertell and Hot Japanese Imports!

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