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Hot Japanese Imports: EasyGameStation games

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North America and Europe aren’t the only regions that have indie games to rely upon. People from every country do their best to make something special that delivers a message and entertains people. In Japan, these kinds of games are called doujin games. EasyGameStation is one of these doujin developers that’s become so well known and successful that it’s not only famous in Japan, but worldwide due to some of it’s amazing experiments. So today in Hot Japanese Imports, we’re going to salute them by looking at some of the best EasyGameStation games.


Recettear is EasyGameStation’s most well known release, thanks to Carpe Fulgar’s English localization. It’s also considered by many (including me) to be the developer’s best game. Of course, it’s no wonder why. Recettear is an original tale that mashes up simulation and action RPG games with one of the funniest scripts ever.

See, Recette’s dad took off and left her with a mound of debt. She has to pay it off, with the help of a fairy named Tear that’s watching her progress and making sure she actually pays it. To get that done, she decides to open an item shop for adventurers. This means part of the game tasks players with going through dungeons, battling monsters with adventurers to get items to sell, while the other part has them running a shop and selling those acquired items at a huge markup to customers. People can even play an endless mode with no time limits or other requirements after beating the main game.

If you’re interested, you can grab Recettear right now. It’s on Steam for $19.99.


Another pleasant and popular EasyGameStation hit is Chantelise, an original action RPG that’s already been released outside of Japan. Like Recettear, it focuses on the adventures of two heroines and involves a fairy, but this time the story’s a bit more serious and there’s more of a focus on the action RPG battles.

Chante and Elise are sisters who’ve fallen victim to a witch’s curse. As a result, Chante was turned into a magic-using fairy. Fortunately, Elise is a swordsgirl and the two can battle their way through dungeons to find out what’s going on and obtain a cure. The two make the local town of Town their base of operations and set out to explore the local areas and beat down bosses. (Expect a few good twists in the storyline!)

Most interesting is the magic system. Chante is the magic user and casts spells by stocking up on colored gems dropped by defeated enemies. So while players control Elise, they can occasionally direct Chante to use magic attacks based on the gems collected.

Chantelise is available in English thanks to Carpe Fulgar and I highly recommend it. You can pick it up on Steam for $9.99.

Gunner’s Heart

Gunner’s Heart is going to surprise people because it isn’t an action, RPG or even general adventure game like the other four EasyGameStation games we’re looking at today. Instead, it’s an on-rails shooter that was designed to be an unofficial sequel to the PlayStation 2 game SkyGunner, by PixelArts. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Atlus actually released it in North America back in 2002.

Gunner’s Heart brings Ciel, Femme, Copain and Rival back as playable characters for an all new adventure concerning a mysterious pendant that the threatening Ventre and his minions, as well as many other people, want.

It’s pretty easy to play. You fly your plane along the track, trying to shoot down enemies while avoiding being shot. It’s been translated into English, just like Chantelise and Recettear, and can be bought at GamersGate for $19.95.

Duo Princess

Our final EasyGameStation highlight of the day is one that isn’t available in English, at least officially. One of the developer’s first games was Duo Princess, a direct sequel to the Square Enix PS1 game Threads of Fate. It stars the two princesses from the original, Mint, who was always playable, and Maya, who is playable for the first time.

While the original Threads of Fate was a straightforward action RPG, Duo Princess is more of a general action game with a few mild RPG elements. For example, you don’t level up, but Mint and Maya can find new magic spells and do occasionally need to collect items to restore their hit points and mana points.

It is sad that there’s no official translation, but people willing to find and pay for an import copy can still have hope. There’s an in-progress fan translation with a released patch from Kaneda. You should be able to get by using that.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Hot Japanese Imports reviews Gunner’s Heart for Windows PC.

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