Important Importables: Image Epoch

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Hot Japanese Imports: Image Epoch

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Import game collectors love the PSP and DS because the systems are region-free, so if you own one, odds are you’re always looking for new, well-made games to acquire. Imageepoch games are a good bet, especially if you enjoy RPGs. While the company is rather new, it’s managed to release quite a few solid games. Unfortunately, only four of them have managed to receive North American releases.

So this week in Hot Japanese Imports we salute and take a closer look at the developer, and now publisher, Imageepoch.

Criminal Girls PSP

What’s Imageepoch?

Imageepoch is a fairly new developer. It only opened its doors and began working on games in 2005 in Tokyo, Japan. It’s a Japanese developer, of course, and has mostly created portable games. If you have a DS or PSP, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with them. So far, they’ve worked with Sega, NIS America, Marvelous Entertainment and Capcom. Atlus and Ignition also released a few of the company’s games in North America.

Though Imageepoch is currently known for portable games, it is looking to branch out. It did release the RPG Arc Rise Fantasia on the Wii, and the company has been talking about releasing an HD JRPG for a major console or consoles sometime in 2012. The company is also starting to move towards publishing. It announced the Imageepoch JRPG publishing branch in late 2010 and will work with NIS America to possibly have Imageepoch JRPG games released in North America and Europe.

Arc Rise Fantasia

A quick look at Imageepoch’s games

Here are the Imageepoch games that have been released so far in Japan and North America. If you’re an RPG fan, then there’s a good chance you may have already played some of them.

  • 7th Dragon (DS): A game where you put together a custom party and send them around the world to take on and complete missions. That, and destroy dragons.
  • Criminal Girls (PSP): A dungeon-crawling RPG where players help discipline and rehabilitate sinful girls by punishing them, rewarding them and making them battle.
  • Fate/Extra (PSP): A Fate/ RPG with simulation and dungeon crawling elements. You create a character, choose a servant and then fight to try and win the holy grail.
  • Last Ranker (PSP): An action RPG where players help a warrior named Zig become the strongest and best in Ghandoar.
  • Luminous Arc (DS): A series of strategic RPGs involving a battle between humans and witches. Most have online multiplayer. The first two were released in North America.
  • Sands of Destruction (DS): An RPG about a group of people who are trying to destroy the world, rather than save it. It inspired an anime and manga series and was released n North America.
  • Arc Rise Fantasia (Wii): A fantasy RPG about a group of people trying to protect the world from Feldragons and save the world. It’s interesting, but the North American release’s voice acting and translation is terrible.

Imageepoch is currently working on three rather promising PSP games, the RPG Black Rock Shooter, the strategic RPG Chevalier Saga Tactics and the RPG The Last Promise. Chevalier Saga Tactics looks to be a Japanese PSN game, so you’d need a Japanese PlayStation Store account to acquire and play it.

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