Important Importables: Mobaccho!, Apollo and Dessert Pocky mini-reviews

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Hot Japanese Imports: Mobaccho!, Apollo and Dessert Pocky mini-reviews

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With Easter coming up, you could be looking for some kind of cookie, candy or other treat to pack into an Easter basket for someone. So what better treat to include than some kind of Japanese treat. It’d be exotic and unusual, and also quite tasty too! Plus it also offers a little bit of exposure to a different culture.

So this week for Hot Japanese Imports, I’ll be briefly looking at, tasting and reviewing three different kinds of Japanese treats. I went to my local Japanese grocery store (Mitsuwa Plaza) and picked up some Mobaccho!, Apollo and Dessert Pocky, and did quick reviews of all three.

Green Tea Mobaccho

Cost: $2.99
Company: Glico
Kind of Treat: Iced wheat cracker
Appearance: Each Mobaccho is extremely tiny. To give an idea, if I hold one up to my laptop screen, it’s about this big: [    ].
Flavor: The variety I chose was green tea over teeny, plain wheat crackers. The wheat cracker itself does have a very pronounced cracker taste, and the green tea flavor is sometimes overwhelmed by it. However, the more little Mobaccho! pieces you eat at a time, the stronger the green tea flavor tends to be.
Texture: Quite crunchy, and the icing is a bit slick.
Sweetness: It’s barely sweet, and I’d probably describe it as kind of bland.
Overall: In order to get the best balance of cracker and green tea flavor, you have to eat at least five Mobaccho! pieces at a time. The container is quite novel and cute, and lends itself to popping the top and just tipping it and letting the pieces go directly into your mouth. I would advise against doing so, though. When I suggested the idea to a friend, and he tried it, little Mobaccho! pieces ended up all over the floor. The candy is also available with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavored icing. I also purchased one of the strawberry variety Mobaccho! and, while it also suffers from the too-much-cracker-too-little-icing dilemna, it tasted slightly better.
Rating: 3/5

Meiji ApolloApollo
Cost: $1.69
Company: Meiji
Kind of Treat: Strawberry-flavored chocolate
Appearance: Each piece of candy is a cone with a pink tip and brown base, a little under one centimeter tall.
Flavor: A wonderful mixture of strawberry and milk chocolate. The chocolate portion is somewhat rich, but not too tart or too sweet. Neither flavor overpowers the other, and instead both blend perfectly.
Texture: Delightfully firm, but not hard and easy to bite into. The chocolate is very smooth and will definitely melt in your mouth.
Sweetness: It isn’t so sweet that it’ll make your teeth hurt, but it is sweet and perfect if you need a quick sugar fix.
Overall: I’m probably biased, as I knew going in how wonderful the Apollo strawberry-flavored chocolates are. The flavors complement each other well. It’s a good snack and quite addicting – it’s very easy to finish the box without realizing it.
Rating: 5/5

Pocky Dessert OrangeDessert Pocky
Cost: $3.29
Company: Glico
Kind of Treat: Chocolate-covered wheat cracker
Appearance: Little wheat cracker sticks, dipped in chocolate icing, with more chocolate icing then swirled around each stick.
Flavor: I chose the chocolate orange variety of Dessert Pocky to test out.
Texture: The wheat cracker part tastes more like a cookie than a cracker, but that’s likely due to the abundance of frosting. It’s quite crisp and fresh. The icing is very abundant, and very chocolatey. There is a strong orange flavor as well, but the chocolate is much more prominent.
Sweetness: There’s tons of wonderful icing all over the cracker, more so than on a normal stick of Pocky. It’s quite sweet, but the orange does offer a very slight hint of tartness and flavor to what would be a normal and possibly over-sweet treat.
Overall: The orange-chocolate could be a bit too much for some people, so you may want to stick to standard Pocky if you’re not familiar with this Japanese treat. If you are already a Pocky fan, love icing and like chocolate that has a little something extra then definitely pick up a package for yourself.
Rating: 4/5

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