Important Importables Preview: Fire Emblem Awakening

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Hot Japanese Imports Preview: Fire Emblem Awakening

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I’m a gigantic Fire Emblem fan. Even before I really liked strategic RPGs, I was enjoying Fire Emblem games. The series fell out of my favor with the DS entries, due to the removal of
the relationship elements. However, when I heard about Fire Emblem: Awakening, I got excited again and, after trying a friend’s Japanese copy of the game over the holidays, I had to share
what I’d learned about the game after just over an hour of playing.

fire emblem: awakening

Let’s talk about my Fire Emblem: Awakening experience

Since my Japanese isn’t fantastically fluent, I’m just going to go over some of the things I experienced while playing my friend’s copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening here. That’s one part of it.
The other is that I played from a portion of the the middle of game and what I did understand would be quite spoilerific. So I’ll go ahead and skip to some general experience musings instead.

If you’ve played a Fire Emblem game before, fighting shouldn’t pose much of a challenge. It’s still a strategic, turn-based affair. Players select a unit, move it on the map and then either
take action or wait. If near an enemy, an attack can be launched. The attacker gets priority in the attack. There’s a rock-paper-scissors system in effect where axes best lances, lances best swords
and swords best axes. Likewise, fire magic bests wind, wind bests thunder and thunder bests fire. What’s new for Fire Emblem: Awakening are Dual Attacks. Two characters adjacent to one
another can attack one enemy together. The character nearest the…

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