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Hot Japanese Imports: QuinRose

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Since Hot Japanese Imports just reviewed an otome game last week, it seems like it would be fitting to keep with that theme and now talk about an otome game company. While QuinRose isn’t one of the biggest developers of games for girls, it’s made quite a name for itself in Japan and is responsible for quite a few classic games with otome elements. It’s known for creating games with elaborate stories and strong characters and while the company is small, it’s one import gamers will want to know about. Besides, even though QuinRose games are technically made for women, many could easily be enjoyed by gamers of either gender.

What’s QuinRose?

The quick and obvious answer is that QuinRose is a Japanese video game developer and publisher. It goes a little deeper than that though. While QuinRose is a small company that’s only made 11 games so far, they’re known for making quality otome (girl’s dating sims) that span multiple genres. Their stories are also known for being more mature, and not quite the standard girly, frilly and cutesy fare most girl gamers are used to. Plus, pretty much every QuinRose heroine, since the games always have a female lead, is strong, capable and intelligent. So it’s a very girl-power company, while also delivering products that are cute and very playable.

QuinRose started out making PC games, with Mahou Tsukai to Goshujin ~Wizard and the Master~ (Windows) as its first game and an extremely small staff, but is now a full fledged developer. Thanks to its own efforts as well as work with Prototype, QuinRose games can now be found on the DS, PSP and PS2 as well.

It’s more than just a game company though. QuinRose is also responsible for drama CDs, mangas (comics), light novels and fanbooks based on its video game series.

Heart no Kuni no Alice PSP

Best QuinRose Games

If you want to play a QuinRose game, you’ll need to have at least rudimentary Japanese language skills. None have been officially released in English, or even received English fan translations. They do tend to have a lot of voice acting, which helps, but still. If you’re determined to play a QuinRose game with no knowledge of Japanese, then you’ll probably want to go for something like Arabian’s Lost, which is a rather easy to play RPG with more of focus on adventuring and earning money.

Anyone with some Japanese skills is in for a treat if they try out a QuinRose game. Here are a few games you may want to look for.

  • Mahou Tsukai to Goshujinsama ~Wizard and the Master~ (Windows): This was QuinRose’s first game, and is currently in the process of being remade for Windows PCs. It’s an RPG and simulation where players must help a magic-less princess of a magic kingdom attend a special school to develop her abilities in 25 weeks. Depending on how you do and who you have her befriend, multiple endings can be earned.
  • Kuni no Alice series (PSP, PS2, Windows): This is one of QuinRose’s most popular series, and each entry is an otome visual novel based inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The first game is Heart no Kuni no Alice (PSP, PS2, Windows), the sequel is Clover no Kuni no Alice (PSP, PS2, Windows) and there was a fan disc called Joker no Kuni no Alice (Windows) with a supplemental story released. In each one, Alice is trying to build bonds with Wonderland characters to try and get home.
  • Crimson Empire ~Circumstances to Serve a Noble~ (PS2, Windows): This is another QuinRose otome visual novel. In this game, players help a woman named Sierra who once was a slave, but is now an assassin and maid serving Edward, the younger of two princes. Prince Justin, Edward’s older brother, is trying to have Edward assassinated, so players must help Sierra keep Edward safe, eliminate threats and maybe also fall in love.
  • Arabians Lost ~Engagement on Desert~ (DS, PS2, Windows): This is probably my favorite QuinRose game. It’s an otome RPG with visual novel elements about a princess named Aileen who lives in a kingdom of murderers, thieves and criminals. Her parents want to arrange a marriage for her, but she says no, so she has to earn $10,000,000 in 25 days if she wants to decide her own fate. It’s quite a funny game, and there are lots of endings.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Hot Japanese Imports takes a break next week, to focus on E3 news. It will return June 17, 2011 to talk about Ayumi Hamasaki.

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