Important Importables Review: Arabians Lost DS

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Hot Japanese Imports Review: Arabians Lost DS

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Arabians Lost DS Quinrose

Title: Arabians Lost: The Engagement on Desert
Price: $58.90
System(s): DS (PS2 and Windows PC)
Release Date: September 10, 2009
Publisher (Developer): Prototype (Quinrose)
ESRB Rating: N/A, Cero B for ages 12 and up.
Pros: Lots of mini-games, many guy characters, multiple endings, lots of CG events, image gallery, strong storyline and interesting RPG gameplay.
Cons: Can be too easy to earn the required money.
Overall Score: 9/10

Quinrose’s games for girls are known for their engaging stories and strong characters. While most of the heroines in otome games sometimes come across as rather bland, featureless or sometimes even helpless, the Quinrose heroines stand out. They’re strong, independent and have vibrant personalities that keep them from being cookie cutter characters. Arabians Lost is no exception. And now, thanks to Quinrose and Prototype taking the time to port it to the region-free DS, gamers around the world can enjoy it as well.

Arabians Lost DS Quinrose

Earn 10 million in 25 days for freedom!

Aileen is a princess. Not a normal princess though, a princess of Gilkhatar. And Gilkhatar happens to be reknowned for being a desert kingdom filled with liars, assassins, cheats, thieves and many other undesirable characters. As such, she’s not the typical defenseless princess. She’s trained to fight, use magic, pick locks and use all other kinds of trickery.

So when her parents tell her that they want to arrange a marriage, she isn’t the kind of woman who’s going to stand for it. So an agreement is made. If Aileen can earn 10 million dollars within 25 days, she do what she wants. If she fails, well, you’ll have to see what happens.

Aileen isn’t alone though. Well, she is, but she doesn’t have to be. There are six dubious men out there: the North District heir Stuart, the South District heir Tyrone, the assassin Curtis, the casino owner Robert, the Trader’s Guild leader Shark and her tutor Lille. Each day, Aileen can choose to have one accompany her as she sets out to try and earn money. Spend enough time with guys and you can unlock events and romantic endings with them.

Arabians Lost DS Quinrose

Lots of options and characters, but too easy to earn money.

There are lots of ways to earn money in Arabians Lost. Aileen can dungeon crawl in the areas outside of town to attack monsters and find treasures she can sell. Also related to that – she can take missions to kill certain monsters. If a guy comes with, he probably won’t help though. He’ll only assist her in battle if he really likes her. She can also visit the casino at night, or even sell the lunches her parents prepare for her each morning.

This means there are lots of ways to unlock events and event CGs. Each day is divided into day and night, and there are tons of locations to stop by. At night you can only visit the casino and bar though, which means only casino mini-games are available. But it also means you can have time to talk with the guys and learn more about them.

The thing is, it’s too easy to earn money in Arabians Lost. You can save at any time, which helps this. After you get about 10,000 from dungeon crawling and such, head to the casino. Save. Play roulette and bet as much as you can on either black or red, and on odds or evens. If you win, save and play again, betting the max. If you lose, reload from the previous save. I managed to make the required amount of money within seven in-game days that way. In a way you could see this as good though, as it allows you to focus on unlocking events once you get the monetary goal out of the way.

Arabians Lost DS Quinrose

One of the most memorable and entertaining otome games.

Arabians Lost has only two things going against it – it’s quite expensive and it’s very easy to make the amount of money within 25 days. Aside from that, it’s wonderful. The story is funny, the characters realistic and it’s probably the most interesting dating simulation/RPG available for otome fans. The character art and designs look great and it’s a lot of fun to play. Plus there are lots of endings to find and events to unlock, so there’s plenty of replay value.

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