Important Importables Review: DC-IE Import Enabler for Dreamcast

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Hot Japanese Imports Review: DC-IE Import Enabler for Dreamcast

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DC-IE Import Enabler for Dreamcast Boot Disk

Title: DC-IE Import Enabler for Dreamcast
Price: $19.99
Rating: 10/10
Manufacturer: Two Thumbs Technologies
Pros: Well made. Includes list of import Dreamcast games. Works.
Cons: Box is DVD size, not CD size like other Dreamcast games. Hard to find.
Overall: If you don’t want to, or can’t, make your own boot disk, it is a great alternative. No website.

Moments after purchasing my Dreamcast at Goodwill, I began plotting which games I would import first. The Dreamcast had an adequate number of games released in North America, but there were more Japanese and European releases that were begging to be played.

Unfortunately, none of the boot disk programs seemed to work for me. I purchased 700mb, CD-Rs, tried burning a Utopia disk but found it was a futile endeavor. Even though my Dreamcast was one of the kinds that could read boot disks, I couldn’t get ones I made to work.

Thankfully, I happened upon the Dreamcast DC-IE Import Enabler at a local game store. $19.99 later, I was the proud owner of an unofficial boot disk that would hopefully work.

An orange and white disk in an oversized orange and white box.

The DC-IE packaging is very clear and straightforward. It proclaims that the user can turn a U.S. Dreamcast to a region-free console with the single disk. The back of the case offers a partial list of import games that could be played, and the inside cover provides an even longer list of games that you can play now that you own the disk. It’s pretty comprehensive, mentioning obscure titles like Dancing Blade, Sakura Kinamoto Haagumi Mail and Sentimental Graffiti 2. Surprisingly, it doesn’t mention Shenmue 2.

The insert on the left side provides clear instructions. Put the DC-IE when the system is off, turn the system on, remove the disk when the onscreen instructions say to do so, insert the game you want to play and finally press start. The only downside is the molding that holds the CD in place makes it difficult to read the line of instructions that says to remove the DC-IE and replace it with the game you wish to play, but since those instructions appear on the screen when you have it in your Dreamcast, it isn’t a big issue.

The only downside to the packaging is the size. While normal Dreamcast games are in cases that are the same size as a standard CD case, the DC-IE comes in case the size of a DVD box. It’s awkward when it comes to storage.

DC-IE Import Enabler for Dreamcast Boot Disk

Pop it in, pop it out, pop in the import game.

I had three Japanese Dreamcast games to test with the DC-IE, Samba de Amigo, Princess Maker Collection and For Symphony: With All One’s Heart. I reasoned that if it worked three times with these three Japanese games, then I would know for sure if the DC-IE was a good product. The copies of Samba de Amigo and Princess Maker Collection were used, and the copy of For Symphony was new.

I decided to try Samba de Amigo first, since I had bought it from a game store and seen that it had worked on the system there. I popped in the DC-IE, and after a moment the DC-IE screen popped, stating that the DC-IE disk was in my Dreamcast and that I should pop it out and replace it with the import game. I did so and pressed start. Samba de Amigo immediately booted up and I had no trouble playing.

I did the same thing for both Princess Maker Collection and For Symphony. My Dreamcast had no problem booting the games, as long as I first used the DC-IE.

A great way to expand your Dreamcast’s horizon’s – provided you can find it.

The Dreamcast DC-IE Import Enabler is just a great product. It does exactly what it promises, and allows your Dreamcast to play games from other regions without any fuss or invasive system modding. The packaging may be a bit large and it can be difficult to find, but other than that it’s definitely worth picking up. Especially if you’ve had problems trying to burn your own boot disk.

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