Important Importables Review: Pokemon Best Wishes plush

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Hot Japanese Imports Review: Pokemon Best Wishes plush

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Product: Pokemon: Best Wishes Plushies
Price: $8-$20
Pros: Very detailed, soft, good size for the money and wide assortment of Pokemon species available.
Cons: Ball chain keychain is flimsy and some are a bit “too” big to be keychains. Hard to find certain pokemon

I have discovered the cutest Pokemon plushes ever. Really, they’re the cutest critters ever. Most importantly, the line I’ve found has a number of very important, special features. They’re
detailed, soft and keychains. They’re the Pokemon: Best Wishes toys!

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Pokemon: Best Wishes?

Pokemon: Best Wishes is season four of the Pokemon anime series, and is inspired by Pokemon Black and White. Which means it’s all about Ash having adventures with the
pokemon from that generation and meeting the good and bad guys from that series. For example, Iris is his traveling companion.

The Pokemon: Best Wishes plush keychains are the tie-ins to this series. Imported from Japan, they are replicas of practically every pokemon found in Pokemon Black and White.
Each one is a highly detailed, mock up of an existing pokemon, with a ball chain keychain on its head or back. They’re probably the most intricate of…

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