Important importables Review: Princess Maker Collection for Dreamcast

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Hot Japanese Imports Review: Princess Maker Collection for Dreamcast

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Princess Maker Collection

Title: Princess Maker Collection
Price: $30-50, if you can find it. Play-Asia has a preowned copy for $34.90
System(s): Dreamcast
Release Date: July 19, 2001
Publisher (Developer): GeneX (GeneX)
ESRB Rating: N/A
Pros: Contains Princess Maker 2 and 3, classic Princess Maker gameplay. Multiple endings and marriage prospects. Lots of different classes and jobs for the girl to take and participate in.
Cons: Graphics look really dated, especially for Princess Maker 2 – the PC version’s graphics were much better. Lots of text so if you’re not familiar with how the games are played and aren’t fluent, you may have trouble playing.
Overall Score: 8/10

As many people know, it’s very easy to play an import game on your Dreamcast. You just need to buy or make a boot disk and you’re all set. This means you’ll get access to a large number of games you normally wouldn’t get to play.

Princess Maker Collection is a good example of one of these games. It’s a compilation of two well known entries in the series, Princess Maker 2 and Princess Maker 3: Yumemiru Yousei. You just pop in the boot disk, pop it out, pop in the Princess Maker Collection disk and you’ll be able to play either game.

Princess Maker Collection Princess Maker 3

Two classic Princess Maker games on one disc.

Since there are two games, it’s best to look at their stories separately, even though they’re very similar and are played the exact same way.

In Princess Maker 2, players are a war hero who’s been chosen by the gods, or if you will some weird ghostly figures in the sky, to raise a little girl. They’d prefer you make her into a princess, but would be satisfied with her living a good and happy life. You then raise her until she turns 18, and depending on what classes you had her attend, jobs you had her take and men you had her meet, you’ll see an ending sequence telling how she turned out.

Princess Maker 3: Yumemiru Yousei is pretty similar. In this case, you’re tasked with raising a fairy girl who’s been transformed into a human girl until she reaches the age of 18. Once again, depending on how you raise her, she’ll end up with a different ending with different possible jobs or husbands.

Princess Maker Collection Princess Maker 2

Fun to play, but definitely shows its age.

If you’re buying Princess Maker Collection, it’s a safe bet you’re already familiar with, and perhaps even a fan of, the series. It’s everything you’d expect it to be. It includes both full games, ready to be enjoyed. It’s a fantastic deal. If you were buying the two games separately for other systems, you’d probably pay double what you’re paying for Princess Maker Collection.

Plus, the Princess Maker Collection contains Princess Maker 3. Princess Maker 2 is the best known entry in the series outside of Japan, because of the full, failed translation into English, its multiplatform availability and it’s distribution on the internet. But Princess Maker 3 was slightly more obscure, as it was only available in Japanese and on fewer platforms. (Princess Maker 2 was on eight, Princess Maker 3 was on five.

The only downside are the graphics. Princess Maker 3 isn’t too bad, but Princess Maker 2 really shows its age. It’s especially bad when you see the animations depicting the girl working or attending a class. It just doesn’t display properly, and looks shabby when compared to other Dreamcast games. It isn’t enough to seriously hamper gameplay though, and even though it doesn’t look perfect and crisp, you can still tell what’s going on.

Princess Maker Collection Princess Maker 3

A great addition to an import Dreamcast collection – if you can find it.

Princess Maker Collection is fantastic import Dreamcast game. Yes, there’s a lot of text, but for the most part you’re clicking through English menus or clicking icons to select classes and jobs, and just watching your imaginary daughters’ stats increase and decrease. Getting a certain ending is as easy as checking an online guide to make sure your parameters are right, and getting the right husband just requires you to see him at certain times throughout the game and meet certain parameter requirements. The graphics are definitely dated, but overall its a great deal for the money, especially if you already know you love the games.

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