Important Importables: Selfy and Tinierme

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Hot Japanese Imports: Selfy and Tinierme

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Like other countries, many Japanese social networking sites combine cute mascot characters, avatar customization, socialization features and games all in one site. And many of these sites are being localized for English speaking audiences. A few weeks ago, Hot Japanese Imports looked at one of these sites, Poupeegirl. This week, we’ll look at another – Selfy and it’s English language counterpart TinierMe.

セルフィ TinierMe Old Maid


The Selfy was created by @games, launched in 2006 and is a social networking site that primarily focuses on dressing up avatars, also referred to as Selfys. There’s more to it then that though. There are lots of single and multiplayer games available. There are card games, brain-training style exercises, card games, bowling, sports, shooters, puzzles and even a MMORPG. Of course, you have to register to access all of these, but registering and playing is free. Being able to read Japanese is also quite helpful, since the site is entirely in Japanese.

Aside from the cavalcade of katakana, hirigana and kanji that greets any visitor to the Selfy site, there is one other thing that may send newcomers running. Selfy is primarily a pay-to-play site. Yes, you can register an account, play the games and socialize for free, but most of the accessories and items to dress up characters cost real money, referred to as GCoins in the game. There are a few Chibi Coins (in-game currency) items available to buy, but even those can be quite expensive.

セルフィ TinierMe Daruma Drop


Odds are you’ll be more comfortable at TinierMe. Run by GCrest, TinierMe is the English language equivalent of Selfy. While it hasn’t been around as long, only since October, 2009, it is slowly building up to become like it’s big sister. The site is primarily an avatar site, with the focus being on collecting clothes to dress up your Selfy avatar. There is a community component though, with some basic forums, chat rooms and a Selfy Town area to explore (as your avatar).

TinierMe also has a few games, though there aren’t as many options as Selfy yet. You can fish or take care of a Chibi Pet in Selfy Town. Just be careful, as some Chibi Pets and Chibi Pet care items cost real money. You can also play Old Maid or Sevens with other TinierMe users, or play the brain-training single player game Doki Doki IQ High School alone. The two card games have a medal points system, where you can collect medals to exchange for special clothing and accessory items for your avatar. Fishing also allows you to trade certain combinations of caught fish for certain avatar items. The Doki Doki IQ High School game rewards players with chibi coins, the in-game currency, and clothing items for reaching certain levels in each category.

Like Selfy, TinierMe often has promotions that reward players with special items. For example, there have been Medal Madness tournaments where players who earn a certain number of medals overall in a certain time period can earn special avatar items, some even animated. There are also hide and seek events, where players are tasked with finding items or characters hidden in Selfy Town each day for a certain number of days to again, get special items. Also, there are Advent Calendar-like events where you can log in everyday to be rewarded with, you guessed it, in-game items.

TinierMe also features real-money GCoins to spend on special items. However, there are still plenty of CCoin items available in all the shops, along with CCoin pets.

TinierMe is also similar to Poupeegirl, in a way, as both have Facebook counterparts. While the Poupeegirl Boutique Facebook application is a shop managing simulation that plays differently than the “game” on the social networking site, the TinierMe Facebook counterpart allows users to link their TinierMe account to their Facebook account and access the Selfy Town and room areas from Facebook.

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