Important Importables: Silent Hill games that never left Japan

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Hot Japanese Imports: Silent Hill games that never left Japan

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This has been a big week for Silent Hill fans. The latest trailer for Silent Hill Revelation 3D was released on July 28, 2012, after all. That’s the movie adaptation/interpretation of Silent Hill 3. It’s coming out on October 26, 2012, a few days before the October 31, 2012 release of Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

I think it’s a good time for a refresher. Let’s play catchup! More importantly, let’s revisit Silent Hill by looking back at the games that were never released outside of Japan. Both Silent Hill Revelation 3D and Silent Hill: Book of Memories are considered side-stories and spin-offs. Let’s celebrate all of the other spin-offs of the horror series, both good and bad!

There were Silent Hill games we didn’t get?

Yes, there were actually quite a few Silent Hill games that were never released outside of Japan. One can be imported and enjoyed by people who can read Japanese, but the other two will sadly remain out of reach for people who can’t get to Japan. Fortunately, two of the three games follow the plot of existing games so we aren’t missing much.

Let’s start with the game you could still import. The Game Boy Advance actually received a visual novel adaptation of the original Silent Hill. Play Novel: Silent Hill came out in 2001 and allowed players to re-experience the game’s events through Harry Mason or Cubil Bennett’s eyes. There was even a downloadable character and storyline that followed a young boy named Andy, who was a friend of Cheryl. It offers an interesting perspective, but don’t expect to get the Andy scenario on the cartridge unless you buy a used cartridge where someone else already downloaded the four chapters. Konami ended the download service years ago so you can’t just suddenly grab Andy’s path.

The original Silent Hill was retold again on cell phones with Silent Hill DX. Once again, it was a visual novel-style adaptation of the game, only the cell version also had turn-based battles against enemies. Unlike the GBA visual novel, however, players only got to see Harry Mason’s Silent Hill experience on their cell phones.

The final Silent Hill game is Silent Hill: The Arcade. As the name suggests, it was an arcade shooter. Players stepped into the roles of Eric and Tina, two college students who came to Silent Hill with some of their occult club friends. The usual strangeness strikes and leaves Eric and Tina to save their friends. Depending on how many friends are saved during the timed boss fights and if the final boss is defeated a certain way, one of four different endings can be unlocked. If you happen to be in a Japanese arcade, there is still a chance you could see this machine and give it a try!

So we only missed out on Silent Hill games?

Not exactly. There were two Silent Hill books by Sadamu Yamashita we didn’t get. Appropriately enough, each were based on the first two Silent Hill games. The first was Silent Hill and the second Silent Hill 2. Both novels also featured art from Masahiro Ito, with the first novel having eight pages of art and the second four. A fan who goes by the name Lady Ducky translated the first chapter of Silent Hill and six chapters from Silent Hill 2.

There were also two Silent Hill mangas. Both were released digitally for cell phones in Japan. As such, we really don’t know much about Silent Hill: Cage of Cradle or Silent Hill: Double Under Dusk. It also means there’s little to no chance of ever seeing an official release, or even a fan-translation, due to the nature of the original release.

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