Important Importables: The wonderful Tokyo Game Show

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Hot Japanese Imports: The wonderful Tokyo Game Show

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In North America, E3 is the king of video game trade shows. In Japan, it’s all about the Tokyo Game Show. Held every fall, the Tokyo Game Show is the place to see the latest and most anticipated video games in Japan.

The 2009 Tokyo Game Show spans four days next week. The first two days of the event, September 24 and 25, are business days, where it’s press and industry members only. September 26 and 27 are the days to watch – those are the ways where anyone can come in and explore.

To help everyone get ready for this major event, Hot Japanese Imports has put together a smattering of information on the history of the Tokyo Game Show and helpful things to know about the 2009 Tokyo Game Show.

Tokyo Game Show 2009 floor map

The history behind the Tokyo Game Show:

The Tokyo Game Show is a fairly recent exposition and convention, with the first one being held back in 1996. From 1997 to 2001, it was a biannual event. There would be a show every spring and fall, showcasing new products in such. In 2002, the Tokyo Game Show was changed to a yearly event, with a presentation every fall.

The Makuhari Messe in Chiba City, Japan is the standard location for the event, and it tends to take place either in September or October. Starting in 2007, the Tokyo Game Show has become a four day in a row event, with the first two days exclusive for press and industry members and the second two days open to everyone.

Each year, the Tokyo Game Show seems to get bigger and more impressive. The hallmark for this year’s Tokyo Game Show is the fact that, for the first time, there is an Advanced Mobile & PC section that looks at games for those cell phones and computers. Also, like the 2008 Tokyo Game Show, the event will run using green energy.

Sense of Wonder Night Shadow Physics Enemy Airship United States

Foreshadowing and preparing for the 2009 Tokyo Game Show:

Since the Tokyo Game Show is only a week away, a lot of companies are starting to announce what games will be showing up or debuting at the event, and also letting people know what kinds of events they can expect to see. There is already a preliminary tally of how many exhibitors and games will be displayed – initial reports from the Tokyo Game Show detailed information report state that 55 exhibitors and 493 games were registered to appear.

Sense of Wonder Night is one of those events. It happens Friday, September 25, and offers attendees a chance to see games that are out of the ordinary. It showcases new ideas and gameplay concepts from around the world that haven’t been seen before. This year 10 titles are being shown off, six from Japan, one from Australia, one from Sweden and two from the United States.

There will also be the requisite Game Science Museum. This year it is set up in three halls, with each hall having a different focus. One is focusing on Feudal warlords, showing off games, armor and information on samurai. Another looks at the structure of modern consoles and the other is an exhibit for children that shows how game character models and graphics have advanced and changed over the years.

Many game companies will also be holding specific events for the show to supplement the official Tokyo Game Show staples. For example, Siliconera has already mentioned that D3 Publisher is holding a Dream C Club event September 26, 2009, where people can see the voice actresses who provide the speaking and singing voices for the hostesses in the game. Expect to see a lot of similar announcements on Japanese gaming sites and blogs announcing similar promotions from other companies.

The best thing to do is check out the Tokyo Game Show 2009 website. Under the Attendee Info header, you can see all of the exhibitors that will be attending the event, check out the TGS Forum for additional information and see a map that shows the layout of the event. There’s an English option, so no need to worry about language barriers. If you’re in Japan and want to attend, it’ll cost 1,200 yen this year per day. Children get in for free.

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