Important Importables: Toro

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Hot Japanese Imports: Toro

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Who’s Toro Inoue? It’s a good question. Especially since Sony hasn’t made a big deal about its white spokescat Toro outside of Japan. He first appeared in Doko Demo Issho on the PlayStation
in 1999, and has since gone on to appear in a PSP port of that game, Mainichi Issho, Weekly Toro Station, Toro! Let’s Party! and most recently Minna to Issho: Friend
for the Vita. His success with his assorted, cutesy games has resulted in him becoming the official Sony mascot for the PlayStation brand in Japan.

However, for all his fame in Japan, Toro is still relatively unknown in other regions. So in today’s Hot Japanese Imports, we’re giving him some love. We’re talking all about Toro.

What’s up with Toro?

Toro is a cat that wants to be human. Toro! Let’s Party probably does the best job of showcasing his trek, as it introduces him, Koro and all of their other friends. His efforts failed in
that game, despite participating in all the events/mini-games that would have allowed his wish for humanity…

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