Infidelity leads to nightmares in Catherine

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Infidelity leads to nightmares in Catherine

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Now that the Catherine website has been updated, gamers around the world finally have a better idea of what’s happening to Atlus’ hapless hero, Vincent. The forthcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 game has always appeared cryptic in screen shots and trailers up until now, sometimes showing Vincent with friends and girlfriends, other times climbing a staircase and interacting with anthropomorphic sheep and occasionally being chased by grotesque creatures. Now, we have an idea why.

Vincent was a fairly normal, although lazy, man. He’s been together with Katherine, his girlfriend and childhood friend, for over five years. When they get together at a local bar, Katherine might be pregnant and says she wants to get married, something Vincent is uncomfortable with. She leaves, and Vincent stays. It’s then that he meets the lovely and flirtatious Catherine. The two of them hook up.

After his night with Catherine, Vincent starts having terrible nightmares. You know, the ones about the stairs, sheep-people and monsters. Coincidentally, a number of men around the city have been dying in their sleep and discovered looking emaciated and terrified. While the police have no clue what’s going on, an urban legend is starting to spread saying that men who dream about falling and don’t wake up, die. Things don’t look good for Vincent.

During the day, players will guide Vincent around town. He’ll be able to talk with people and make decisions about his life. At night, players help him climb the staircase and avoid monsters so he doesn’t die. Your actions and choices can lead to multiple endings, good and bad.

There’s still no confirmation or denial from Atlus as to whether Catherine will be released in North America. Odds are it will be, especially since Vincent has an incredibly small cameo appearance in Persona 3 Portable. We’ll probably find out for sure once the game is released in Japan.

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