The REAL Way To Get A Cheap Ipad Under $100

June 20, 2011 - 10:24 pm No Comments

We’ve all seen the internet ads. Such as this one: Free Ipad Offer. “Win a free IPAD2.” You may have even tried one of these numerous promotions without any luck. Most people believe there is no way anyone could be giving out free Ipads and they’re right. These companies claim the Ipad’s aren’t free; however you can earn yourself an ipad if you follow the instructions closely on the site. We decide to test one of these sites ourselves and the results were positive when done correctly.

Most people fail at these promotions and receive nothing at all due to several factors. First, they fail to enter a real email address or real any information when asked for it. You can’t expect to receive anything if no one can reach you with information to on how to claim your ipad. Second, you have to be quick. These companies do not want to waste time sifting through fake emails and information. Instead, they’ve gotten smart about it.

As soon as you load up the page you’re on the clock. The promoters figure that if that if you know your email address it doesn’t take long to remember your email address and type it into the field. If you’re making one up, then you are obviously going to spend more time staring at the page. Why do they do this? The promoters have to weed out those who are serious and those who are not. Going through thousands of participates takes time and money.

After successfully following all directions, we were contacted in a week with news we had successfully earned our Ipads. The Ipads came within 4 weeks after our confirmation. These promotions only run for a limited time and you owe to yourself to give it a shot. How cool would it be to hand out Ipads this holiday season as gifts!? To get your Ipad try one of the three links:

IPAD offer link 1

IPAD offer link 2

IPAD offer link 3

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