Is it possible to play Japanese games on an American PS2?

September 4, 2009 - 6:25 pm 2 Comments
JxP asked:

I’m looking into purchasing a couple of NTSC-J games, and all I’ve heard is that those games won’t work on my NTSC [I think that's the technical term for the American system] PS2. Before I decide to shell out the money for a Japanese PS2, I’d like to know if there is any way I can somehow configure my PS2 to play those Japanese games.

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  1. pulgo1 Says:

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    30 bucks gets you a slide card + swap magic disks, thats your cheapest choice,
    but it’s a pain due to the fact you gotta start wit hteh cds, and then use the slide card to manually force your ps2 open (doesnt damage anything though)
    or get a fliptop, its a new cover for your ps2 that has a fliptop (similar to the PSX/PSOne) but still requires the swap magic disks
    each different region has is own boot code, and only its region of ps2 can read it
    swap magic bypasses this, and allows you to boot up your japanese CD, but you cant open the cd tray again or the ps2 will search for the boot code, so by manually opening it (slide card) or just having a top that flips up, yeap.

  2. jamothemunn Says:

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    The NTSC-J games will not work on your US PS2. I had the same problem a few years ago and bought a “special PS2″ in Hong Kong that plays both kinds of games. So I know its possible to convert them I just don’t know how. Whats really amazing that I sell on Ebay a lot and my PS2 (which I am selling) got removed by the EBay people for copyright violation. So I guess its something your not really supposed to do. But if you really want one that will play both I will sell you one with some American and Japanese games, and mine plays burned PS2 games also.

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