Is it possible to play Japanese PSP games using a PSP bought from America?

June 11, 2010 - 12:41 am 2 Comments
ninjo asked:

My sister has a PSP bought from the US. I was hoping to import a Japanese game I downloaded from the net. When I did put it in the memory card, it doesn’t show up, although it consumes the memory. How is it done, whether if it’s possible or not?

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  1. ilias Says:

    to play full games downloaded from the net you need a custom firmware
    once you have a custom firmware you put the iso or cso file in the root of the memory stick on a folder called ISO or if you have firmware 1.50
    you need an iso loader so you can play them on your psp

  2. Jake Says:

    japanese games

    Ok pardon the super long answer this WILL answer your question:

    First you need custom firmware this is a guide a wrote that will help you install custom firmware this will not work with some psps!! The ones it works w/ are: the original psp, and psp slim. NOT THE NEWER PSP 3000 or psp brite!

    Anyway here is how you install cfw (custom firmware):

    First you will need a pandoras battery. There are two ways of doing this.
    #1 Hard-modding
    #2 Soft Modding

    Soft Modding is easy, but hard modding is hard. If you know somebody that has custom firmware (cfw) installed they can help you create a soft modded pandoras battery. I will show you how to make a hard modded battery. I have had bad experiences soft modding a battery. SO BE WARNED!!

    You will need to have these materials to make a hard modded battery: A sharp knife, a safety pin, and a real Sony psp battery. You will need a safety pin because they are small and a normal pin won’t work. Take your knife and cut through the sides of the battery. Make sure you go through the plastic because you will be opening it up. Don’t cut yourself I have done that carelessly before, this takes time about 15-30 min. of cutting depending on how good your knife is. If you start to lose patience, just set it down and relax for awhile. It gets frustrating! The top part of the battery will come off after you cut it open. Take out the 4th pin here is a link to a picture that shows you where the 4th pin is. They will look different depending on what battery you are using.

    Here is the PSP Slim battery pic.

    Here is the Original PSP battery pic.

    Take the safty pin and lift up under the circled pin until it pops out.

    If you open your psp battery up and then you see this on the top of the battery then ask me for help. I tried to get a picture of that battery I just couldn’t find one. My advice for a pandoras battery, would to have two battery’s because when you “pandoraize” your battery you cannot use it as a normal battery ever again. If you plug you psp into a wall using the charger WITHOUT the modded battery in, turn it on and then put the battery in you can use you battery normally until you turn it off.

    After you have modded your battery it is now officially a PANDORAS BATTERY!!!

    NOTE: your memory card HAS to be Sony and it needs to be more 512mb or it WILL NOT work!!

    To install the firmware you need a program on your memory card. This program makes your memory card a “Magic Memory Stick” or mms.

    First you need this file:

    after you have the downloaded files we will make a magic memory stick! ( the easiest part)
    - extract the The File You Need.7z to your desktop (use WinRAR)
    - Open README 1st folder
    - highlight and copy MSINST and MSPFORMAT FOLDER
    - open My Computer
    - Left Click the C: drive once (Note: if you double click, it will open C: drive)
    - Now RIGHT Click on C: drive and PASTE
    - format your memory stick thru your psp (Settings>System Settings>Format Memory Stick)
    - once that is done, enable USB mode
    - make note of your drive letter (usually E: or F)
    - open up command propmt (click Start, select Run, type in cmd and hit enter_
    - Type in the following command “CD C:\” (note: with-out quote mark) HIT enter
    - type the following command “mspformat\mspformat.exe X” ( where X=psp drive letter) note: NO quotation
    - hit enter button
    - hit Y, then press enter
    (for some people who are confused on this part, here is a side note: guess i wasnt clear enough, you type mspformat\mspformat.exe E if your drive letter is E, if it is another letter use that letter, then press enter, then hit y, then press enter again…sorry
    - it should say “Drive succesfully formatted, and partition moved.”
    - disable USB mode, and take out the memory stick
    - now re-insert the memory stick, and re-enable(this guide was made by hercules on USB mode
    - Now go back to the Desktop where you extracted the folder “The File You Need”
    - double click it
    - open the Despertar v3 folder, and copy its contents to your psp (just the contents, not the actual folder)
    - now go back to your prompt window
    - type the following command “msinst\msinst.exe X msinst\msipl.bin” (again where X=psp drive letter) note: NO quotation
    - press Y and hit enter
    - The last line should say ” Write MS BOOT CODE ”
    - then type exit and enter
    * you now have a magic memory stick!

    Okay now you are ready to install cfw!!!! You made it this far so lets see if you did everything right. If it doesn’t work then ask me any questions you have and I will try to answer them all.

    Okay so first charge your battery for a while (without the memory card in). After about a hour or so depending on how full your battery is It is time! (your battery has to be at 78%) Pop in the pandoras battery, then put

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