It looks like The World Ends with You will get a sequel

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It looks like The World Ends with You will get a sequel

A heavenly choir is singing from above thanks to Square Enix. The World Ends with You, a fantastic and original DS game, seems to be getting a sequel. This was hinted at multiple times, due to the success of the original game and the appearance of the original TWEWY cast in Kingdom Hearts 3D, but it now seems to be pretty much confirmed thanks to a new countdown website.

The mystery site truely is a mystery, but some familiar visual cues and web address help us out. First, the website address has “subaseka” in it. The original The World Ends with You was called Subarashiki Kono Sekai (It’s a Wonderful World). Shorten that and you get “subaseka.” The lettering for the countdown clock is another major factor, as it’s the same font used in the original TWEWY. Enable the background music and you get dance-pop-techno that sounds like one of the battle or background themes from TWEWY. Even the darkened background scenery looks like the stylized Shibuya from the original.

The countdown ends on August 26, 2012. Then we’ll know what this mysterious “subaseka” site game is for certain. I’m genuinely hoping for a brand new game, with new characters, that continues the story and mythos of The World Ends with You. However, after seeing how good the original cast looked in 3D in KH3D, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if could even be an updated port/remake of TWEWY. Either way, I’d still buy it.

The only thing that’s probably certain is the platform. The World Ends with You was a DS game and I’m sure the sequel would be on the 3DS. You really do need two screens to play this, after all, since in battle your partner fights on the top screen and your hero/heroine fights on the bottom.

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