Japan Import: 3DS owners can find girlfriends in New Love Plus

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Japan Import: 3DS owners can find girlfriends in New Love Plus

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Project Love Plus 3DS Logo KonamiI hope you aren’t an import game fan, because there’s some sad news for 3DS owners. Well, I guess it’s good news for Japanese 3DS owners who love dating sims, but bad news for anyone who owns a non-Japanese 3DS system. Famitsu had the first reveal of Konami’s 3DS Love Plus game, which is currently being referred to as New Love Plus. The part that’s really going to sting is that it’s an all new game, and not just an enhanced port of Love Plus (DS) or Love Plus+.

New Love Plus is completely revamped, so everything is supposedly going to be better than the original DS game. The graphics are better and in 3D, the areas and activities are better. It’s just supposed to be an even more comprehensive girlfriend simulator. I guess this means people will be able to look at Manaka, Nene and Rinko, the three heroines, in an all new way. This time around, they’ll even make friends with one another! Oh, and you will also be able to introduce the one you eventually make your girlfriend to your actual parents.

The new game will also be compatible with prior Love Plus games. If someone owned Love Plus or Love Plus+, then they’ll apparently be able to carry over some data to New Love Plus. Perhaps you’ll start the 3DS game with one of the girls immediately as your girlfriend. New Love Plus will also connect to the Love Plus arcade games too, to exchange information.

And yes, the biggest feature is still in New Love Plus. I’m talking about Boyfriend Lock. As you play the game, the girl you make your girlfriend will start to recognize you. So if one of your friends borrows your 3DS and loads up your saved game, the girl will refuse to go on dates with him.

There is currently a Q3 2011 launch window for New Love Plus. Not that it matters, really. The 3DS is a region-locked system, so the only way people outside Japan who are interested in the game can play it is if they spend an additional $300 to import a Japanese 3DS.

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