Japan Import: 999′s successor is Extreme Escape Adventure

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Japan Import: 999′s successor is Extreme Escape Adventure

Extreme Escape Adventure Good People DieChunsoft’s 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors proved that North America was ready for a visual novel done right. Now, we just have to hope that it sold well enough to convince Chunsoft and Aksys to work together again to bring Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die to North America as well. That’s because Extreme Escape Adventure is a successor to the previous adventure, offering yet another chilling scenario filled with puzzles and suspense. This time, however, it’s a multiplatform release and both 3DS and Vita owners will be able to help save a lot of virtual lives.

Extreme Escape Adventure won’t be released in Japan until February 16, 2012, but a steady stream of information has been trickling out. Chunsoft’s even released a trailer. There’s lots of Japanese with an occasional English phrase and it shows off all the main characters.

As you see, Ice9 showed up again. And there are the wristbands and a single, numbered door.

The goal is to get each “player’s” watch show the number 9 by solving puzzles and making the correct choices. That means that character can leave through the 9 door and be saved. The wrong choices, however, make the number decrease. If the number hits zero, the bracelet injects the bearer with poison and kills him or her. So where 999 had the Nonary Game, Extreme Escape Adventure has this system called the AB Game. It also means plenty of opportunities for multiple endings.

We still don’t know for sure if Chunsoft is making Extreme Escape Adventure a direct sequel to 999 or if it is just a spiritual successor. As Siliconera pointed out, it seems like the same woman named Alice appears in both games. (You only get to see Alice in a certain 999 ending!) Not to mention there’s a character named Clover forced to participate in this game who looks a lot like 999‘s Clover.

There’s no word on an English release yet. 999 did do better than expected for Aksys though and it seems like companies are going to really want to get 3DS and Vita games out there. Maybe we should keep an eye on Extreme Escape Adventure and show our support in the hopes Aksys and Chunsoft will work out a deal!

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