Japan Import: A Magician’s Night: Witch on the Holy Night demo released

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Japan Import: A Magician’s Night: Witch on the Holy Night demo released

Good news for Type Moon fans, it’s time to test out A Magician’s Night: Witch on the Holy Night! That’s the latest Type Moon visual novel. An updated version of the demo has just been released and is waiting to be sampled

A Magician’s Night is a visual novel, but it’s a little different than ones to which people in North America have grown accustomed. It isn’t like a choose-your-own-adventure, where you get to make decisions as you play. It’s a kinetic visual novel. That means you make no choices. You just read along with the story while watching the characters interact on screen. It’s more similar to a graphic novel.

Playing may provide a sense of deja vu for some people. A Magician’s Night goes into the backstory of Aoki Aozaki, from Tsukihime. Many details about this particular VN haven’t been released yet, despite it having an April 12, 2012 release date. Aoki is a magus, and this visual novel will look at what her life was like back when she was in high school and how she became Alice Kuonji’s friend, her relationship with a normal man named Shizuki and show more about how she relates to her older sister Touko.

You can head off and download the A Magician’s Night: Witch on the Holy Night demo right now, provided you have a Windows PC. It’s in the “Special” section and is about a 600mb download. Just bare in mind that it is an unvoiced game and will be very text heavy with some advanced kanji. Don’t worry about adult content, as this is an all ages game. Even if you have trouble understanding it, I guess you could just enjoy the artwork.

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